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Sunday, 31 January 2010

I never get left at home in peace!

Hedgie has asked us some questions this week:
He wanted to know if our friends always remember to take us out with them.
Well I get taken every where whether I want to go out or not!
Mind you Shirley did take me to a lovely shop called A Maze of Memories on Saturday and I met a lot of lovely ladies.
Christina had a poorly eye and was trying to hide it from the camera but Shirley still managed to get a photo, she can be a real pain with that camera sometimes!
Rachel was very busy but let me help her she even showed me how to hold a pair of tweezers.
Someone who I had met a few times before was there too!
Kathy was making a very pretty flag mini book which was going to have a BIG Ladybird on the front.
You can see that even when Shirley takes me out she sometimes get so involved with chatting she forgets about me. It was very undignified being left in a shopping basket like that!
Once we got to the till Shirley paid for her new goodies including a punch that she seemed very excited about having.
Luckily when Christina got to the bottom of the basket and found the little set of stamps that I popped into the basket when Shirley wasn’t looking, she put them through the till quickly for me. She knew Shirley wouldn’t mind because it meant that she could play with them too!!!!

I know I moan a bit about being dragged out when I fancy just sitting at home and watching TV and eating some chocolates but sometimes it can be great fun especially when I meet such nice people.



  1. Wow Bongo that looked like a great outing with lots of nice ladies to hug and play with.
    I am sure going out with our families can be fun but take today...do I want to go to Sainsbury again?
    Lots of love Clemmie

  2. That looks a really fun day you had there Bongo and buying stash too. Much better than staying at home. Mind you poor Clemmie having to go to Sainsbury again. Still hopefully he can stock up on dog biscuits. Not sure what I am doing today but it looks very cold out there.

  3. You were okay with being left in the shopping basket Bongo as Shirley will remember to take everything from there home, its when she leaves you on a shelf you need to worry - LOL!!!!

  4. What a fab day out you had Bongo. Those ladies looked lovely and friendly. I think Karen is right though, a good place to stay is in a shopping basket in a craft shop - as long as there is enough room for you.

    Love Pamela x

  5. My Nana says that is a nice shop to go visit, good you got a present too! Make sure Shirley doesn't hide those stamps from you! Luv Hedgie x