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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Hearing all about Sid's holiday!

My last couple of weeks have been so busy with the new baby, we have called her Candy and she so cute and good. Sid came back from holiday with lots of photos so I thought I would share them here with you. He and Abbie came across this rather big and posh bear at the airport.
Apparently Sid got really excited when he looked out of the plane, I had already told him how great the views were from my trip on a plane.
Anyway, I can see from these photos that Sid really enjoyed the beach and I was glad to see that he did not forget to use the suncream when he was chilling out by the pool either.

He obviously made a bit of a nuisance of himself popping up when Abbie was trying to get a good shot of the view from the pool and jumping up into the umbrella and swinging on the ropes!

The view from the balcony looked very nice too and makes me wish that I went on holiday with Abbie and her family.
I certainly got a big surprise when he came to home he had a new hairdo, I think it really suits him. He also told me that he had such a brilliant time with Abbie’s family that he has decided to live with them. Mind you I think it may have something to do with Candy moving into his room whilst he was away! LOL
I have been busy myself one way and another but I will save telling you what I have been up to next time I post. It is really exciting news and has opened up a whole new world to me.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

In a happy place.

When we came home from Monkey's, Joe's Mum popped a book into the envelope as well.
Now to be honest I was not best pleased when this happened as it made the journey VERY uncomfortable. Luckily Joe's Mum had put Pip and I into a lovely cuddly position, which is just as well as by the time we arrived back at Shirley's and got out of the envelope Pip was feeling rather strange and uncomfortable.
Anyway to cut a long story short we were all in for a bit of surprise!
First of all let me show you some photos of Pip and I enjoying with Abbie the book that travelled home with us. Joe's Mum had done a very special memory book of our honeymoon and to say we were thrilled is an understatement. It is totally amazing. Sid got really jealous when he saw what fun we had. However, he need not have worried because in the end he went on holiday with Abbie this week and not me!.

Guess the reason why!!!
Yes after all that travelling and being bounced about Pip gave birth to our little girl so I thought I had better stay at home. She does not have a name yet because she arrived early we just had not thought of one. I think we will ask Abbie to help us choose when she gets home from her holiday. However, we did have set of family portraits taken so that I could share this special moment in time time with you all.

Nobody told me just how rewarding being a Dad is, mind you they never told me that I would not get much sleep or time to myself anymore either!!!

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Home from my honeymoon

We’re back from our honeymoon! Had a lovely time, and despite all the others with us we had a very romantic break – with plenty of ‘us’ time before the little one arrives I kept a diary while we were there, so here’s a summary of our week in Portugal:
Thursday 22.07.10
As Monkey already posted on his blog, we drove down to Gatwick in time for dinner so we didn’t need to leave home at like 3am or something ridiculous…. Duckie looked very posh with her designer gear – we travelled super light… ie just us!
Friday 23.07.10
We got to the airport at just before 6am… Pip wasn’t impressed as she says she needs her beauty sleep. Personally I think that is a load of twaddle as she is the most gorgeous chimp I have ever seen. Anyway, she cheered up when we sat having breakfast and bumped into another honeymoon-ing couple. Joe’s daddy was quite relieved to find that we weren’t the only mad people in Gatwick that morning – in fact the owner of these two may have been further up the bonkers scale as she had to take a bra off her head when we asked if we could take their photo LOL

Had a slight problem going through passport control as upon inspection of Pip’s bottom label, the nice man was not too impressed to find the name did not match to Pip. Note to self…. Ensure full name of Julep is given to proper official type people! It was very romantic being above the clouds and seeing the sun shining so brightly. Made us feel like we were on top of the world!
It was great watching the journey on the screen and seeing us getting closer to Faro.
Anyway, the excitement of it all got to us a little bit and while Duckie and Monkey queued to use the toilet, we joined the mile high club.
They were pretty embarrassed when they got back to our seat, but we’re on our honeymoon aren’t we… they’ve got to expect some cringe-worthy moments surely?! We got to the villa at about 1pm and our eyes lit up again when we saw the size of the bed!! Unfortunately as that night proved, with 2 small humans sleeping diagonally and changing direction the whole night – there was not much space for a couple trying to get jiggy with it. So anyway, back to arriving at the villa….. the humans headed straight for the pool so we took the chance to have a bit of time to ourselves. I am a true romantic aren’t I, presenting a flower to my love?
I think the heat might be getting to me, I appear to have gone a bit mushy!
Saturday 24.07.10
Joe had us all up at the crack of dawn (again, that did not impress Pip one bit), but I left her to rest in the peace and quiet while I messed around in the villa garden with Monkey. He can climb pretty well for a chunky monkey LOL
Pip surfaced feeling much better just before lunch, so we sat by the pool and then had a relax on one of the loungers. Really lovely and sunny today and much hotter than at home. Beautiful!

Sunday 25.07.10
Today it was decided we would borrow Joe’s armbands and have a dip in the pool. I was a bit worried that Pip wouldn’t be able to squeeze her bump in there, but she managed just fine although preferred to float….
Had a beer with the Cuz tonight while Pip and Duckie were talking babies….. need I say more.
Monday 26.07.10
We visited the local beach today, and although it was small, it was really lovely. The sea was a bit cold so I decided to steer clear – and apart from that the little humans had already been given strict instructions to be careful as the sea can be very dangerous for small people. Anyway, posed for a photo like you do – that black blob you can see in the background is a cave. Pip was too chicken to go in there though.She also wasn’t too happy about being put on top of a rock to have this photo taken… But I was more than happy to give her a good cuddle when we got back to the villa. She relaxed then and we had a lovely quiet afternoon in the sun.
Tuesday 27.07.10
We went to Zoomarie today – it was only about 10 minutes in a taxi. Loads of things to see there and the little humans really enjoyed themselves (and the big ones come to that). The dolphin show was excellent, the trainers were very affectionate to them. We really liked the sea lion show too
and afterwards we went down to the underwater tank viewing bit to see the seals – very agile and cute. Photo is naff as we couldn’t use flash but you get the drift!
We had a go on some rides, and ate popcorn – fun all round really!
Wednesday 28.07.10
Little spot of rain this morning, but still very warm and in fact after the cloud had cleared I think this afternoon was the hottest so far this week. The humans bought a pack of crisps and woo-hoo, a toy sized lilo came with it. Pip had it sorted…
whereas I on the other hand made a right dog’s dinner of it and had everyone in stitches trying to get on the stupid thing! Luckily I managed to get back on before the humans had to rescue me….. that would have been embarrassing.

I was exhausted after that, so retreated to my lounger for a nice afternoon kip.
Thursday 29.07.10
More fun in the pool today – this time we were learning to dive and swim underwater. It was lots of fun!

as you can see, Pip needed a rest from all the excitement by that point…. The humans taught Monkey and I to play Rummikub this afternoon. He reckons he won but I am sure he cheated.
We then had a laugh hanging off the monkeys on the gate to the BBQ area…. Pip wanted to join in too
We had the most delicious ice cream sundae for pudding tonight…. Hope Shirley can rustle up one of these when we get home!
and then we waited for the sun to set from the villa balcony (yes I know we are looking in the wrong direction, but the view was much better this way LOL).
Friday 30.07.10
OK so I admit I threw a bit of a paddy when I had to get out of the pool this morning, knowing I wouldn’t be able to go back in before we went home…
but I soon snapped out of it and got ready for the journey home while Pip enjoyed a last minute read on her lounger.
Then it was time to get our flight and after a quick snooze on the plane we had landed. Pip remembered the name thing on the way back thankfully and we got through security no problem this time. The humans collected their baggage (why they had to take anything I don’t know, we managed just fine as we were!), and then we made our way back to their house.
It really was a great week, and I can’t wait to go on holiday with Abbie next week!
I would like to say a BIG thankyou to Monkey's lovely family for giving us a great honeymoon and special thank you to Joe's mummy for taking a lot of the photos and helping me write my diary.
Monkey has kept his own diary HERE and Duckie's diary is HERE