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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Looking for summer.

It was my turn to do the prompts this week and talk about getting it wrong.
My word for the week was ‘Summer’ and this past week has not been very summery at all.
Apparently one of the things people do in the summer is go for a picnic with nice things to eat and drink. All I got was to sit on the lawn with a Cupcake fridge magnet.
We don’t have much in the way of summer fruits growing in the garden; this is an alpine strawberry Shirley likes to grow because the strawberries are lovely and sweet.
Personally I prefer the Pick your own Raspberries from the local farm shop.
Pip preferred the look of the Cherries!
Whilst out in the garden I thought I would pose amongst the Sweet peas, I just wish Shirley had told me just how near that buzzy bee was to me.

Now I am not sure if you remember but a couple of weeks ago Monkey was offering a prize for the best hiding place found by a toy. Well, the outcome of that competition is that I won a holiday for Pip and I to join Monkey and his family on a holiday to Portugal.
Pip got really excited too as she thought we were never going to get a honeymoon.
Here I am showing her on a map just where we are going to.
I was even more excited when Shirley told me that for some of the journey Pip and I would be travelling first class.

I am so looking forward to our week’s holiday with Monkey and his family but I am a little concerned about Sid as he heard that Curly has a new man called Winston in her life. He is really a Sulking Sid now! Hopefully by the time we get back home he will have cheered up.
Adeus amigos.


Sunday, 11 July 2010

Working on the computer.

Duckie was saying just how much time he seems to spend at his computer these days and was wondering about us other toys and our computers.
He wanted to see some photos of us at our computers.
Well you can see from this photo that I work alongside Shirley in her craft room.
I must point out that she tidied up for this photo to be taken!
You may also notice that I am on her old laptop which is so slow and worn in places.
Just look at where it is worn through by the mouse being used on it, at least these days she has learnt how to use the touch pad and doesn’t need a mouse for her new laptop.

If you remember Pip and I met through the internet back in March so are very grateful that Shirley started this year long project.Shirley took me into Oxford to meet Pat, who she met through UK Scrappers on the internet and they got together for the first time this week. Boy, could they chat!Pip and I have been searching for somewhere to go on honeymoon and have spent hours surfing the web. No luck yet though as everything is so expensive and we are going to need every penny we can save for things for our new baby, which according to Pip will be arriving very soon. Apparently toy chimps have their babies a lot quicker than other ones!Whilst surfing we came across this very clever artist who does some lovely portraits.
Maybe I should take up painting and earn some money.Seeing as we are looking at computers this week I will show you Colin’s.
He was out at the air show in Duxford yesterday and Shirley and I snuck into his study to work/play, as it is the coolest and tidiest room in the house.
OMG his computer is amazing; you don’t even need a touch pad for this one as everything works by touching the screen.
Shirley made sure all the fingerprints where cleaned off when we switched it off as we didn’t want him to know we had been in there.
Hope he doesn’t find any other clues either as Shirley was cutting up and glueing bits of paper in there all day too.
Loving the hat Abbie :o)
Whilst I was on the computer this week I managed to post some prompts for us toys for next week so I best get busy and start posing!!!

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Playing hide and seek.

Last week Monkey was playing hide and seek and he thought it would be a good idea for the soft toys to play hide and seek too. Little did he know that hiding away was going to be a good idea for me because this week I am certainly in the dog house.Pip is still sulking because Curly got kidnapped by Irene and spends half the day looking out the front window waiting for her to come back. Personally I think it is something to do with Pip's hormones too!
Sid is wanting brotherly ((((hugs)))) because his girlfriend is not around.
So here are a few of the hiding places I found.
This birhday card that Shirley got from Monkey and his family really does hide me well don’t you think?
Here I am in the soup!
Definitely a good idea to keep my mouth shut this week as whatever I said was wrong.
I thought the summerhouse would make a good hiding place, with so many cobwebs it is obvious that people do not come here very often. Just call me Mr Havisham. LOL.
However, the best hiding place must have been the ironing pile as I stayed there for days and no one came near.
With the lovely sunny weather the garden was a really lovely place to hide away.
First I went up a tree and then in the flower tub. In fact whilst Pip was on one of her vigils looking out for the return of Curly she saw me having so much fun that she decided to cheer up and join me in amongst the clematis flowers.

Now Monkey said we might get a prize for the best hiding place. I wonder if I have won it? Maybe it is a holiday for two, that would be really great as I still haven't booked a honeymoon yet and Pip reckons she will be too big to fly soon!