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Friday, 30 April 2010

Swinging in the Sunshine.

Koala and Paula wanted us to enjoy the lovely sunshine that we have been having recently, also they wanted to know what affect the weather has been having on our carers; are they busy sorting out their summer wardrobe?
Well Shirley seems to have rather a lot of clothes to sort through! She does seem to like pink and mauve tops though.
On sorting through my clothes I came across this pair of Y fronts, not sure if I should be showing them to you but I think they suit me don't you?
Pip and I have really enjoyed the sunshine and have been taking time to get to know one another really well.
We have really enjoyed all the new flowers that are growing in the garden.
Whilst enjoying the garden together we came across this GREAT love swing.

We could not resist having a swing in it, mind you Shirley wasn't too pleased when she saw what we had been doing.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Having a busy week.

I am not being very good at answering questions this week as I have had rather a busy time.
My Birthday was great fun; I had a yummy chocolate cake and got to meet up with Curly and Pip!
A pretty girl on each arm, it was definitely my birthday!
Kay gave me a very special present that she brought me back from New York; I am looking forward to getting really inky with it.
Sue brought around a box of chocolates this week and all I got to do was sit on the box. I think that was really unfair.
Shirley and Colin bought a new car the other day and it is a very lovely Magenta colour, I got to sit on the top of it whilst Shirley packed the shopping in the boot. Luckily she remembered I was there before she drove off.
The sun has been shining and it has been really warm here in Oxford.
Abbie took me for a guided tour of her garden and she took some photos of me for my blog.
The tour started with rather a sad moment as this is a photo of a plaque that Sue and Abbie had made when their lovely cat Roxy died. It is in a nice sunny spot in the garden and near where Roxy loved to sleep in the sun.
Here I am having a bit of a ‘matey’ moment with Harvey, who has been living with Sue for longer than Abbie!
I then went off to investigate the cat flap, not much use as a cat flap really as it is really a hole in the garage door. I had a bit of an accident here!
Luckily Fluff was on hand to give me a kiss to help me feel better. I hope Pip doesn’t see this.
This was an interesting bit of garden architecture and a rather handsome chimp looking back at me. LOL.
After all the photo action Abbie and I needed a bit of a rest.
Curly wants to know: what would be your really most ideal holiday in all world if you had just won the lottery so money was totally no object?
Well I am going to need to think hard about that, my dream holiday might well be a Honeymoon as I would love to ask Pip to marry me and whisk her off to a Caribbean Island.
I wonder if she would say yes.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Around the house.

Clemmie has given us some "Home Sweet Home" prompts to do.
Luckily Abbie has been off school this week so was able to help me get around the house.
She showed me on the map where Oxford is and pointed to the village where we live.

We then shared a Curly Wurly in the kitchen where I normally eat, Shirley says I make too much mess to eat in the dining room!
I seem to spend most of my time sleeping in Shirley's handbag trying to get comfy is very hard. Luckily when Abbie comes around she rescues me and I get to have a nap in her bed.
The garden has lots for trees which I love to climb and this little seat where Abbie and I sit and watch the fish swimming around.
We even get to feed the fish too!
One of my favourite places in the house is riding on Sparky, he lives here and is as old as Abbie.
One place I do not get too very often is Colin's study. It is really big and has lots of books, Shirley says it would make a great craft room but Colin doesn't think so.
I love living here but I do have a dream home. I would like to live in it with Pip, Abbie and I drew a great picture of my dream home.
It has a roof garden where I can sit and relax it also has lots of bedrooms, where my toy friends can come and stay. There would be big swimming pool because Pip really enjoys an early morning swim and a massive garden because since meeting Pip I have really got into gardening.
I hope you enjoyed looking around my home. I am excited today as it is my birthday and Shirley has told me are going out for the day. I wonder where she is taking me and if she has invited Pip along too.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Looking for a boat.

As it was the boat race last weekend Hedgie wanted to see me in a boat!
I tried to find one of the Oxford crews boats but all the boat houses were locked up.

These were the only boats I could find and I got a bit wet and cold trying to get in one of them.
So I quickly got dressed and thought I had found a nice warm cosy boat to try out but Shirley told me I was not allowed on the boat as the owners were not there. To be honest I don't think they would have worried but nevermind.
So in the end I tried to convince my mate Hippo to let me have a go in his boat but he would not let me. The best idea I could come up with was this container that I found in one of Shirley's kitchen cupboards. Hippo insisted in joining in just so he could show off his skills, I was not impressed.
Off to enjoy some sunshine now and meet Pip.


Thursday, 8 April 2010

On another Planet.

Answering another of Hedgie's questions.
What is your Favourtite TV programme?

I love to watch Dr Who.
It has been a really exciting week this week because a new series of Dr Who started with a brand new Dr.
Matt Smith is now playing the new Dr Who and I was not too sure if I would like him as much as David Tennant but if the first episode is anything to go by I am going to be glued to the TV every week.
I would love to take a ride in the Tardis and meet the real Dr Who.
K9 is one of my favourite characters and is so clever.
The Cyber men frighten me but at least these ones are smaller than me!
The Daleks are big enemies of Dr Who and I think they are VERY scary!
Be back soon as Hedgie wants me to answer a few more questions!

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Suffering from too much Chocolate!

Hedgie is asking us some questions this week and he wanted to know if I had an Easter egg.
Well let me tell you about my Easter Sunday, we had some extra visitors, when Abbie came around she brought 2 of her toys all dressed up for Easter.
I did not have any special Easter clothes which to be honest I was very grateful for especially when I saw what they were wearing!!!!
Shirley and Colin had set up an Easter egg trail for myself and Abbie.
We were indoors for some of the trail, up and downstairs was quite tiring but at least I was in the basket, poor Abbie was the one doing all the work.

We found lots of little eggs and a little bunny that hopped and chick that made a chirping noise. After we had finished Abbie's Mummy, Sue, thought it would be funny to put me in the Bunny outfit!
Abbie then lined us all up with the eggs and have our photo taken.
I am just glad that Pip was not around to see me looking like this.
Once I managed to get out of this outfit I hid away and ate loads of chocolate, now I have a bit of a tummy ache.


Thursday, 1 April 2010

Out and about.

Pamela said Claire was raving about the show she went to see last week and it gave her an idea for this week's prompts.
They are all based on popular West End shows, so here is my week using some of the prompts:
Here is a really 'Wicked' biscuit, don't you think looks rather cute? You must have realised from my posts last week I struck up a frienship with Pip and we arranged to meet. Shirley told me that I must be very careful meeting some one from the internet. So she came along as with me! As soon as I saw Pip I thought 'Mama Mia' My my, how can I resist you?We posed for this photo. No 'Dirty Dancing' on this first date!
Then we had a 'We will rock you' moment LOLFinally Pip gave me a quick spin around the block in her car, it went really fast but could not fly like the car in 'Chitty, Chitty Bang Bang.' Mind you I am not complaining it was great fun and I think Pip and I will have lots of fun in the future! I hope I have another exciting week next week and that the Easter Bunny brings me lots of chocolate.