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Friday, 30 April 2010

Swinging in the Sunshine.

Koala and Paula wanted us to enjoy the lovely sunshine that we have been having recently, also they wanted to know what affect the weather has been having on our carers; are they busy sorting out their summer wardrobe?
Well Shirley seems to have rather a lot of clothes to sort through! She does seem to like pink and mauve tops though.
On sorting through my clothes I came across this pair of Y fronts, not sure if I should be showing them to you but I think they suit me don't you?
Pip and I have really enjoyed the sunshine and have been taking time to get to know one another really well.
We have really enjoyed all the new flowers that are growing in the garden.
Whilst enjoying the garden together we came across this GREAT love swing.

We could not resist having a swing in it, mind you Shirley wasn't too pleased when she saw what we had been doing.


  1. I love your swing Bongo but naughty naughty that is Shirley's

  2. ROFL, check out your Y-fronts LOL. I must have misheard the name of that clothing item - I thought it was boob sling not love swing. Got to hand it to you Cuz, it looks like Pip is well into you, lucky boy. Monkey x

  3. Wow love that swing and just the right size for you and Pip. However, I would give the Y fronts a miss if I were you.

  4. Your Y fronts rock Bongo. It looks like you are getting on very well with Pip. You cheeky monkey. ;)


  5. OH I have just had to pick Paula up off the floor, I just had to come and see what she laughing at!! Goodness me I love the swing Bongo!!!

    The Y-fronts are a bit of a turn off, though!!

    I can see your relationship is blossoming with Pip!!

    Thanks, Bongo for doing my prompts, Koala xx

  6. Bongo you really are funny!!! Hope you are enjoying being in love!
    Love Pamela x

  7. Oh Bongo, you are so smitten, and it is lovely to see you so happy! But please, don't let her see you in those y fronts! Luv Hedgie x

  8. Nice to see you and Pip blossoming Bongo!!! Not sure I would let her see your Y-fronts though LOL!!!

  9. Gosh Bongo well done you with all this bloggging lark and photo shoots!
    Haven't had time to leave you comments on each prompt as I am limited to the time I am allowed on her as Lynne says it is bad to be on the computer all the time LOL she is on it a long long time!!
    I love your love seat and couldn't understand why Lynne too was laughing so much til she explained that it wasn't a seat swing at all LOL!! Are we to have a wedding soon?
    Not sure though about exposing yourself in Y fronts to Pip!!
    lots of Love
    Your friend Clemmie xx