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Sunday, 18 April 2010

Around the house.

Clemmie has given us some "Home Sweet Home" prompts to do.
Luckily Abbie has been off school this week so was able to help me get around the house.
She showed me on the map where Oxford is and pointed to the village where we live.

We then shared a Curly Wurly in the kitchen where I normally eat, Shirley says I make too much mess to eat in the dining room!
I seem to spend most of my time sleeping in Shirley's handbag trying to get comfy is very hard. Luckily when Abbie comes around she rescues me and I get to have a nap in her bed.
The garden has lots for trees which I love to climb and this little seat where Abbie and I sit and watch the fish swimming around.
We even get to feed the fish too!
One of my favourite places in the house is riding on Sparky, he lives here and is as old as Abbie.
One place I do not get too very often is Colin's study. It is really big and has lots of books, Shirley says it would make a great craft room but Colin doesn't think so.
I love living here but I do have a dream home. I would like to live in it with Pip, Abbie and I drew a great picture of my dream home.
It has a roof garden where I can sit and relax it also has lots of bedrooms, where my toy friends can come and stay. There would be big swimming pool because Pip really enjoys an early morning swim and a massive garden because since meeting Pip I have really got into gardening.
I hope you enjoyed looking around my home. I am excited today as it is my birthday and Shirley has told me are going out for the day. I wonder where she is taking me and if she has invited Pip along too.


  1. Happy Birthday Bongo :D Hope you have a lovely day, I am sure Shirley will not disappoint! Love looking round your house too, Colin has a LOT of books! Monkey x

  2. Looks like fun when Abbie is there. I think Colin should let Shirley have his study for her scraproom too!

  3. Happy Birthday Bongo!!
    what a lovely house you live in. Lynne loves Colin's study and would like to look at all those books!
    your dream house is wonderful!
    I still have to do my own prompts and Hedgies too LOL!!
    Love Clemmie xx

  4. Happy Birthday Bongo!! Hope you get lots of pressies. It's so nice to see that you have a good friend in Abbie and she even shares her curly wurly with you.


  5. What a wonderful time with Abbie, hope you really enjoyed your special day today too hun loads of Love Curly.xxx

  6. Hope you had a good birthday Bongo, if I'd known I'd have got Nana to bake you a cake! Thanks for the tour round your house, and love your dream house, is there somewhere there for me to hibernate safely? Luv Hedgie x

  7. Hope you had a great birthday Bongo and got to see Pip :)