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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Getting back online again!

I hope you have not been missing me too much. We have had difficulty connecting to the internet here so it has been a while since I last posted here. Another reason I have not been posting is Shirley and Colin whisked me off to Devon for a short holiday. Pip and Candy decided to stay at home!
Devon is so pretty, we stayed in a lovely little bed and breakfast place with a Chocolate box view out of our bedroom window. It was a shame that there were no chocolates, however, there was some nice ice creams.
Colin and I did some male bonding and I became a twitcher….. mind you from looking at the photo below the yummy Devon cream teas and ice creams were not good for my waistline.

We visited some really interesting places and from these marshes you could see the house that Shirley lived in when she was growing up.
It was really sunny whilst we were away and it was good fun to watch these people at play. It looked a really interesting game and I really wanted to join in but sadly Shirley made me stay behind the bars!

We also went down by the River Exe too. If I had gone there at the beginning of the year I would have been worried about falling in the river and not being able to swim but after my holiday with Monkey’s family I am now a very confident swimmer.
I did think of some of my friends whilst I was away. I now know why Hedgie has not been posting quite as much as he used to he is popping off to Devon and is busy building up his business empire.
This Duck reminded me of Duckie.
When I spotted this Café I thought of my Cuz, Monkey, it would be a great place for us both to visit!

When we arrived home it was lovely to see Pip and Candy again. We have come to a big decision too, we are going to have to sell Pips car, it is too small for us all to fit in and rather expensive to run. Now there are three of us to feed Shirley says we are going to have to make some cut backs so the car has to go, so goodness knows how I am going to get from A to B without transport.

Watch this space!


Sunday, 5 September 2010

Reading a book.

The last time I posted here on my blog I told you that I had some exciting news to share with you and now I can finally tell you what it is. With the help of a very good friend of mine I have had a book published. If I am totally honest I did not write the book myself (well if Katy Price can do it so can I!) but I am very proud that it is all about me. Sue Mynall is a very talented artist and has illustrated lots of books she is an avid follower of my blog, in fact she appeared on it HERE. Recently Shirley had a VERY BIG birthday and Sue and I thought it would be a lovely surprise to do this book for her as a present. Due to my publisher being very fussy about copyright I can only post a few of the pages here for you to see. I hope you enjoy looking at them. You can see some more of Sue’s picture on her website HERE

This is Candy's favourite page.
I think you will agree that it is a lovely book, I am hoping it will sell lots of copies and maybe by this time next year I will be famous and be appearing on talk shows promoting my next book. LOL.