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Sunday, 31 January 2010

I never get left at home in peace!

Hedgie has asked us some questions this week:
He wanted to know if our friends always remember to take us out with them.
Well I get taken every where whether I want to go out or not!
Mind you Shirley did take me to a lovely shop called A Maze of Memories on Saturday and I met a lot of lovely ladies.
Christina had a poorly eye and was trying to hide it from the camera but Shirley still managed to get a photo, she can be a real pain with that camera sometimes!
Rachel was very busy but let me help her she even showed me how to hold a pair of tweezers.
Someone who I had met a few times before was there too!
Kathy was making a very pretty flag mini book which was going to have a BIG Ladybird on the front.
You can see that even when Shirley takes me out she sometimes get so involved with chatting she forgets about me. It was very undignified being left in a shopping basket like that!
Once we got to the till Shirley paid for her new goodies including a punch that she seemed very excited about having.
Luckily when Christina got to the bottom of the basket and found the little set of stamps that I popped into the basket when Shirley wasn’t looking, she put them through the till quickly for me. She knew Shirley wouldn’t mind because it meant that she could play with them too!!!!

I know I moan a bit about being dragged out when I fancy just sitting at home and watching TV and eating some chocolates but sometimes it can be great fun especially when I meet such nice people.


Friday, 29 January 2010

If only the World was made of chocolate!

Today I am going to answer some more of Patches questions:
One of the questions was:
After a bad day, what would you wish for to cheer you up?
Another question was:
If you were allowed to choose your own special meal, what would you wish for?
The answer to both these questions is the same, a really big piece of yummy Chocolate cake.

Following on from those questions is another:
If you could visit anywhere or place in the world, where would you wish to go?
Well I think my answer would HAVE to be be Chocolate Wonderland in Beijing, China where the Terracotta warriors are made of chocolate and there is also a replica of the Great Wall of China plus a whole yummy display of drippy chocolate !

The last question I will answer today is:
If you could meet up with just ONE person, who would you wish that person to be?
Well that would have to be Willy Wonka.I know Hedgie has some very interesting questions for me to answer next. I am not too sure Shirley will let me post all the answers using her laptop because they might be quite revealing about my new life here in Oxford!

Thursday, 28 January 2010

It's Pink!

I have not known Shirley for long but I do know a couple of things I thought I would share with you.
1.It is a very rare that her craft desk is clear and tidy.
2.That she like all things PINK
You can see both in this photo, goodness knows what else she will buy in pink !

I know that Patch has been asking us toys about our wishes so I am going to go and think hard what I would really wish for.


Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Where I like to be.

Debbie asked us where our favourite spot in our home is:
I love to sit and look out of the window and today I got very excited as it started to snow again.
I thought this would mean that my friend Snowy would be back but Shirley said no matter how much it snowed he wouldn't be.
I thought that was a bit harsh.

Anyway it is raining now so I suppose that means I will be stuffed in a plastic bag again when we go out!

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Today is the First day of the rest of my life!

Debbie over at Momiji Mayhem where the Momiji girls hang out has posed some questions for us toys to answer this week.
I will answer 2 of them today:
What are you doing right now?

Meeting a lovely friend for the first time.
The second question is:
What do you wish you were doing right now?

I think you can guess!

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Goodbye Snow.

Today Shirley told me all that snow was going to be going away and that we would be able to go out soon.
The car has been stuck in the garage now for over a week!
I decided to go out and explore before it all went away and I found this massive icicle hanging off the conservatory roof, so I quickly jumped up to try it out

Then I thought I had best go and see my snowman, I have been visiting him every day since I built him. In fact he has become a really close friend. I was in for a BIG shock as you can see from the photo below.
This has made me feel quite sad and I am wondering if he will miss me as much as I am going to miss him. Claire, I did not expect to be able to answer your "tell me something that has made you sad" question but it looks like today I have.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

I have some questions to answer.

Pamela’s friend Claire has set me some questions to answer:
What ...
1. Have you learned?
2. Has made you scared?
3. Has surprised you?
4. Has pleased you?
5. Has made you sad?
6. Has made you happy?
7. Has been the biggest challenge you have faced?

I have learned that snow is very cold, that surprised me has it looks so fluffy.
I was really pleased that Shirley found some clothes for me.
Thank goodness she found me some great designer wear.
I don’t do cheap labels!
It was a big challenge to build a snowman but I really enjoyed doing it.

Did you notice he is wearing my lovely new scarf?

I did not need to learn how to climb trees but it was big challenge to climb a tree covered in snow.

I was so happy when Abbie and her best friend Jess called around to visit me.
They did not have to go to school.
I think that made them happy too!

It surprised me when Shirley said that we were going for a walk by the river.
The things she does to get a photo!!!

I was so happy making a snow angel.

It really scared me when I fell down into a big hole made by a giant’s footprint.
I learned to look where I am walking from now on.

Some people can make massive snowmen or should I say snow women!

I also learned that sliding down the rail on the bridge can give you a cold bottom.

I was so surprised to see that the River Thames had frozen over.

The Lock keeper was clearing the path by the lock when he surprised me with his shovel!

I think you will agree I have had a great time in the snow and I am amazed that I have answered so many of Claire’s questions.
The only one I have not answered is about something that makes me sad.
I will have to think hard about that one as I am quite a happy chimp.
Watch this space!


Thursday, 7 January 2010

A new day.

Well after a healthy breakfast of porridge Abbie and I decided that we would chill out for a bit.

Shirley had other ideas; look where I ended up!

Luckily she was only joking; I mean who would put a Chimp behind bars?
Abbie thought it was a good idea to take some photos of me too, apparently they do something called scrapbooking, which necessitates them taking lots of photos and I am their model for the day. Soon it was lunchtime and soup was on the menu for the day, I would much rather have bananas and chocolate but no one offered them.

After lunch we were looking through all my friends’ blogs and noticed that some of them were wearing scarves. Now at this moment in time I was totally naked and feeling a little self-conscious. I know Shirley had some clothes for me somewhere but she had not even bothered finding them.

Abbie said that she would try and knit me a scarf so that I would not feel left out and also she had seen the weather forecast and said something about really cold snow (what ever that is) being on its way. After a lot of practice with some really sharp pokey sticks and a major effort Abbie produced a scarf for me. I felt very lucky to have such a bright coloured scarf but I hope that if it gets really cold Shirley will make an effort and find some clothes for me to wear.

During the afternoon there was a lot of chat was going on about crafting, especially scrapbooking and would you believe it there was actually a programme on the TV about it. This is where I have to admit that I do like watching the telly a lot, so I was really pleased when I was allowed to just sit and veg out, watching Rosemary Merry demonstrate all sorts of crafty things.
I think I now know what scrapbooking is.
I was even temped to press the red button on the TV control and order some goodies. The only problem was I did not have something they called a credit card that they said I needed. Nevermind maybe Shirley has some crafting goodies I can play with.

After all this excitement it was time for Abbie to go home, she said she had something called school the next day and would see me again very soon. I just hope it is not too long, because Colin and Shirley are OK but they are a bit old for me to play with!