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Thursday, 7 January 2010

A new day.

Well after a healthy breakfast of porridge Abbie and I decided that we would chill out for a bit.

Shirley had other ideas; look where I ended up!

Luckily she was only joking; I mean who would put a Chimp behind bars?
Abbie thought it was a good idea to take some photos of me too, apparently they do something called scrapbooking, which necessitates them taking lots of photos and I am their model for the day. Soon it was lunchtime and soup was on the menu for the day, I would much rather have bananas and chocolate but no one offered them.

After lunch we were looking through all my friends’ blogs and noticed that some of them were wearing scarves. Now at this moment in time I was totally naked and feeling a little self-conscious. I know Shirley had some clothes for me somewhere but she had not even bothered finding them.

Abbie said that she would try and knit me a scarf so that I would not feel left out and also she had seen the weather forecast and said something about really cold snow (what ever that is) being on its way. After a lot of practice with some really sharp pokey sticks and a major effort Abbie produced a scarf for me. I felt very lucky to have such a bright coloured scarf but I hope that if it gets really cold Shirley will make an effort and find some clothes for me to wear.

During the afternoon there was a lot of chat was going on about crafting, especially scrapbooking and would you believe it there was actually a programme on the TV about it. This is where I have to admit that I do like watching the telly a lot, so I was really pleased when I was allowed to just sit and veg out, watching Rosemary Merry demonstrate all sorts of crafty things.
I think I now know what scrapbooking is.
I was even temped to press the red button on the TV control and order some goodies. The only problem was I did not have something they called a credit card that they said I needed. Nevermind maybe Shirley has some crafting goodies I can play with.

After all this excitement it was time for Abbie to go home, she said she had something called school the next day and would see me again very soon. I just hope it is not too long, because Colin and Shirley are OK but they are a bit old for me to play with!



  1. Oh, Bongo, you are so lucky. I wish I had a human who would make me warm clothes. I think I'll try to leave a link to your blog lying around so that Chris gets the idea!
    I'm sure you'll have a good day tomorrow, even if Abbie has to go to school. Hope to meet up soon, Comenius

  2. Wow, Abbie is a great little knitter, that scarf if fab and the colour is so you!!!

    I adore the photo of you watching telly on your own little chair!

  3. Oh Bongo I'm soooo upset I was spending days dolling myself up ready to meet you and now because of the horrid white stuff we've had to put it off! I hope we get to meet really soon I'm so excited I could burst. Mean time I've been hiding from Mum as I really don't want to go outside.

  4. Lucky you, that is a lovely scarf! I like this scrapbooking lark, but I'm not paying for the stuff they use! Nana seems to have plenty, and I'm sure she'll share with me as she is always telling me it is nice to share! Maybe Shirley will share with you too!

  5. Loving your scarf Bongo - hope Shirley finds you some more clothes. I think auntie Lynne is very good at making clothes as she is making me a coat. I have a little person to play with but I try to stay away from her as she looks like she is trouble.
    Love Pamela x

  6. Lovely scarf and that colour is just right for you. Well done Abbie - brilliant knitting. Glad you got out from behind those bars.

  7. Well I was a bit worried I was going to have to come over there and give those humans a serious talking to when I saw your first photo... so glad it was just a pose for this scrapbooking business. I've yet to try it but Joe's mummy seems to have a fair bit of crafty stuff too. Love your scarf, mine was one of Liam's old socks! Monkey x

  8. Hi Bongo ***waves*** So pleased to see you are a kind girl called Abbie who visits your house.
    Aren't these children lovely to have a round? Zac went home yesterday and life was very boring for the rest of the day. I haven't bothered to watch TV yet, this is something I must learn about but if it is as good as the computer I know I will like it,
    Like the scarf aren't we lucky living with such crafty friends? Love your friend Clemmie xxx