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Friday, 29 January 2010

If only the World was made of chocolate!

Today I am going to answer some more of Patches questions:
One of the questions was:
After a bad day, what would you wish for to cheer you up?
Another question was:
If you were allowed to choose your own special meal, what would you wish for?
The answer to both these questions is the same, a really big piece of yummy Chocolate cake.

Following on from those questions is another:
If you could visit anywhere or place in the world, where would you wish to go?
Well I think my answer would HAVE to be be Chocolate Wonderland in Beijing, China where the Terracotta warriors are made of chocolate and there is also a replica of the Great Wall of China plus a whole yummy display of drippy chocolate !

The last question I will answer today is:
If you could meet up with just ONE person, who would you wish that person to be?
Well that would have to be Willy Wonka.I know Hedgie has some very interesting questions for me to answer next. I am not too sure Shirley will let me post all the answers using her laptop because they might be quite revealing about my new life here in Oxford!


  1. Hi Bongo wondered what you had been up to!!

    Wow a chocolate world for you!

    Got to go now and get ready for a town called London, Love you, Clemmie xxx

  2. Sounds like you have a bit of a chocolate problem Bongo!!! Do you get that from Shirley?

    Love Pamela x

  3. I'm with you there Bongo!
    Chocolate,chocolate and more chocolate!!YUMMY!
    Nothing like it for a pick me up.I'm going to have to have a look in the cupboard now Bongo,thanks!
    Brill....found a chocolate penguin trying to squirm away from my grasp....too late!!!

  4. Quack quack - that chocolate looks yummy. Mrs N loves chocolate too but I am not allowed it.

  5. If you ever decide to go to the chocolate Wonderland Bomgo, I know some keen travelling companions!

  6. I want to live in your world too please!!!!