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Thursday, 14 January 2010

Goodbye Snow.

Today Shirley told me all that snow was going to be going away and that we would be able to go out soon.
The car has been stuck in the garage now for over a week!
I decided to go out and explore before it all went away and I found this massive icicle hanging off the conservatory roof, so I quickly jumped up to try it out

Then I thought I had best go and see my snowman, I have been visiting him every day since I built him. In fact he has become a really close friend. I was in for a BIG shock as you can see from the photo below.
This has made me feel quite sad and I am wondering if he will miss me as much as I am going to miss him. Claire, I did not expect to be able to answer your "tell me something that has made you sad" question but it looks like today I have.


  1. Oh Bongo, I feel for you, Nana says it is a very sad time when you lose a friend! But at least he left your scarf behind! Hope it isn't too wet!
    Also hope you get to go somewhere nice soon! Hedgie x

  2. aww, bless! {{hugs}} for you Bongo - what a sad suprise xx

  3. Oh poor Bongo, did no one not tell you that snowmen do melt - Oh dear :(

    Never mind you may still get a chance before Spring comes to build another one!!!!

  4. Oh Bongo - if you need a hug, then just shout.

    Love Pamela x

  5. Poor Bongo - it's such a shame and what a way to find out. Do hope you can get over it and come to play again soon.

  6. Oh Bongo I am sorry that your snow buddie has gone! Thank goodness that Shirley remembered to take lots of photos of him!

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  8. Oh Bongo sorry Lynne just deleted my post and told me to write it again properly :(
    I lost our snowman yesterday. When I went outside all that was left were his eyes, nose and teeth... very strangely Lynne took his eyes and teeth and put them in her craft room!
    Do you think our snowmen flew away like in the film The Snowman? I saw that at Christmas.
    Nite Bongo, love Clemmie xxx

  9. Oh pooryou Bongo never mind you get to meet two IRL friends today!!!