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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

It's me again.

I have had a really exciting couple of days; it all started on Sunday evening, I was sitting in my chair waiting for David Attenborough’s ‘Life’ programme to start on BBC1 when I heard a key in the front door. This puzzled me because Colin and Shirley were both sitting in the lounge reading the Sunday papers. Anyway a little family of humans walked into the lounge, well I say little but one of the humans was very tall!

I soon found out that these humans were part of my new family. Martin, who I have to call Dixy, (he is one cool dude) Sue and Abbie. Abbie was the smallest human and she was so cute, I instantly knew we would be great pals. Sue is Colin and Shirley’s daughter; apparently they have another one of these who lives in London. If she is as nice as Sue I can’t wait to meet her. It turns out that they have called around because Abbie was having a sleepover and then she was going to stay with us all day Monday.

Abbie took her overnight bag up to the bedroom and then Sue and Dixy went home to their house. After a while it was Abbie’s bedtime. Now I am not used to bedtimes as I have never slept in a bed. Tonight was going to be different, I was going to have a bedtime and it was going to be the same as Abbie’s, not only that I was going to snuggle into Abbie’s bed. It was certainly an adventure for me, normally when it gets dark I just close my eyes and go to sleep. This bed lark was much more comfortable than sleeping in my chair; the only problem was that at one point I ended up sleeping next to Abbie’s feet! To be honest I really liked sleeping in a bed especially when I am snuggled up with a human. It did make me wonder if I would be allowed to snuggle in with Colin and Shirley when they go to bed.

Anyway the next thing I know the light clicks on and Abbie grabs her book and starts to read. I know I should not admit this but I can only read very easy words and some of the words Abbie was reading were very difficult, she must be very clever! I sat on her pillow and pretended to read along with her. You can see by the fact that there are some photos that Shirley turned up to disturb our peace. Once she had finished clicking away it was time for breakfast. I had a whole day ahead to play with Abbie.

I was so excited.


  1. If you are very good Shirley might let you sleep in a bed again, but probably not with her, grown ups are a bit funny about who shares their bed! So glad you are meeting lots of nice people like the rest of us are! Abbie looks a lovely companion to play with, please come back and tell me about your day with her! Luv Hedgie x

  2. I think you and Abbie will be great pals. Hope you get to snuggle in a bed again soon.

  3. What a great start to your adventures in 2010 Bongo. Love your concentrating look when you were reading LOL

  4. Lovely pic of Bongo & Abbie reading together!

  5. So pleased you were at last allowed to sleep in a proper bed. You look very cosy with Abbi.

  6. Oh Bongo I'm so pleased you have met Abbie, she's a real star. You will get along famously together, mind you you'll get up to lots of antics too!