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Thursday, 28 January 2010

It's Pink!

I have not known Shirley for long but I do know a couple of things I thought I would share with you.
1.It is a very rare that her craft desk is clear and tidy.
2.That she like all things PINK
You can see both in this photo, goodness knows what else she will buy in pink !

I know that Patch has been asking us toys about our wishes so I am going to go and think hard what I would really wish for.



  1. Bongo I think you have chosen to show us Auntie Shirley's pink craft room to tempt Pamela, you are being very 'Crafty' LOL!!
    Love your friend Clemmie xx

    PS Hurry up nd get on with those wishes as we have new prompts tomorrow, I know these have been very hard for me but Lynne says that is what a challenge is LOL!!

  2. I am not shallow but that is very beautiful in pink. Can I come up and play with it?

  3. Bongo - did you help with the tidying up? I think you must be a good influence on Auntie Shirley.