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Saturday, 9 January 2010

I have some questions to answer.

Pamela’s friend Claire has set me some questions to answer:
What ...
1. Have you learned?
2. Has made you scared?
3. Has surprised you?
4. Has pleased you?
5. Has made you sad?
6. Has made you happy?
7. Has been the biggest challenge you have faced?

I have learned that snow is very cold, that surprised me has it looks so fluffy.
I was really pleased that Shirley found some clothes for me.
Thank goodness she found me some great designer wear.
I don’t do cheap labels!
It was a big challenge to build a snowman but I really enjoyed doing it.

Did you notice he is wearing my lovely new scarf?

I did not need to learn how to climb trees but it was big challenge to climb a tree covered in snow.

I was so happy when Abbie and her best friend Jess called around to visit me.
They did not have to go to school.
I think that made them happy too!

It surprised me when Shirley said that we were going for a walk by the river.
The things she does to get a photo!!!

I was so happy making a snow angel.

It really scared me when I fell down into a big hole made by a giant’s footprint.
I learned to look where I am walking from now on.

Some people can make massive snowmen or should I say snow women!

I also learned that sliding down the rail on the bridge can give you a cold bottom.

I was so surprised to see that the River Thames had frozen over.

The Lock keeper was clearing the path by the lock when he surprised me with his shovel!

I think you will agree I have had a great time in the snow and I am amazed that I have answered so many of Claire’s questions.
The only one I have not answered is about something that makes me sad.
I will have to think hard about that one as I am quite a happy chimp.
Watch this space!



  1. Wow Bongo, you've done well today answering all those questions! Shirley has taken some really good photos of you, you'll have to learn how to do that thing called scrapping! See, that's another word with more than one meaning! Think you should stay inside in the warm today! Hedgie x

  2. Great photos :) How come you get the gorgeous blue skies and sunshine - LOL!!!!

  3. Well done Bongo, you get 9 out of 10 for answering all the questions and it is fine if nothing makes you sad!
    Love Claire x

  4. What a lot of questions you have answered and what a lovely time you have had this week.

  5. What a lovely day you had with lots of super duper photos of you and all that you did you will be able to look back on them and remember for a long time to come.

  6. What lovely photos Shirley took of you and your adventures this week. Well done on answering all those questions, and I think it is great that nothing makes you sad. Monkey x

  7. Wow Bongo (((yawn))) sorry just been woken up by Lynne as I missed your posting tonight...sorry :(
    I cannot believe you have managed to answer all these questions today LOL!!
    I know what has scared me today but I want to tell you all about that tomorrow. Today I was just happy to sleep as we had no sunshine just snow, snow and more snow and Lynne and peter talked about a 'white out' Didn't undersatnd that but then they do talk strangely at times !!

    Shirley does take lots of lovely photos and just loved those lady snowmen, reminds me of Pamels LOL...now she is some - Looker, think I got the word right tonight?
    Goodnight my lovely friend,
    Your Clemmie xx

  8. Wow this is my favourite post to date Bongo - so many brilliant pictures!!! You are having way more fun than Momijis!!

  9. Oh Bongo you have done so well. you are a great chap to know, (well I feel like I know you). It must be fab having soooo much fun with Shirley I can't wait to come and play with you too.

  10. Wow, Bongo - you have so much fun! Can I come and hang out with you one day!? Such a lovely cozy outfit too - Shirley's making sure you're well looked after I see :o)

  11. You have had a fantastic time in the snow Bongo, Shirley certainly found you some lovely snuggley clothes to have fun in!

  12. Wow Bongo you've certainly been busy!Looks like you have had great fun with Abbie and Jess and all the snow.I do like your new coat,suits you!
    I have to say my favorite photo of your adventures so far has to be the snow angel.You just cracked me up when i saw the photo!!I may get to meet you on Sunday as the white stuff meant a change of plan.Have a good week whatever you are getting up to ! x