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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Where I like to be.

Debbie asked us where our favourite spot in our home is:
I love to sit and look out of the window and today I got very excited as it started to snow again.
I thought this would mean that my friend Snowy would be back but Shirley said no matter how much it snowed he wouldn't be.
I thought that was a bit harsh.

Anyway it is raining now so I suppose that means I will be stuffed in a plastic bag again when we go out!


  1. I don't like the bit about being stuffed in a plastic bag - I hope you don't suffocate!!!!
    Lovely view out of that window - so sorry about your friend Snowy. Hopefully you still have his photo. Quack quack

  2. Bongo I am very worried that Shirley puts you in a plastic bag - have you phoned MonkeyLine? They can help in these situations.

  3. I too do not like the sound of a plastic bag, hoping Nana doesn't read that! Mind you, I don't like getting wet either! So sorry about your friend Snowy, but you have his memory! Hedgie x

  4. Hi Bongo gald to have you back on the computer posting again, I have missed you.
    Not sure if the RSPCA proper need to be called out if you are put in a plastic bag and you say AGAIN so does that mean she has already done it once? I thought the pink bag Lynne sometimes uses was bad enough but I can see out and it is big and airy and carries my scarf and her camera too.
    Sorry your snowy didn't come back, Love Clemmie xxx

  5. Oh Bongo I do love your posts you always bring a smile thank you! Curly