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Monday, 28 June 2010

Worried about Curly!

Shirley has had her friend Irene staying for a few days and we have all been having fun but this morning when Irene went back to Yorkshire she told Shirley that she was removing Curly to a place of safety. Shirley is now in panic mode as Curly's family will be wondering just what is happening to their little lamb. Sid of course is crying his eyes out and Pip isn't speaking to me as she has now lost her best friend.
Some mornings you just wonder why you got out of bed!!!I think I might be going on my honeymoon on my own at this rate.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Getting married.

Well the BIG day arrived and here are the photos to prove it. Sorry we did not have time to get invites out to you all, but Pip wanted to get married quickly for some reason! Meet my close family, Mum on the left, Dad and my Big brother Sid who was my best man. We are quite an interesting mix from the world of cuddly toys!!!!Here is Pip with her rather PINK family, they are a little overweight but they plan to go to Slimming World soon.
Here we are the "Happy couple."
Mums and Dads are very special people and we are so lucky that ours get on very well together.
Sid was my Best Man and of course Curly was our very pretty Bridesmaid.
The ceremony was a bit daunting and the Rabbit's ears did rather block out the sunshine as he took our vows.

One very special guest, Abbie, was very helpful in lots of ways. She made time to explain everything that was going on to Squiz the Squirrel.

However, she did get very emotional near the end of the ceremony!
The obligatory group photo, we did seem to have a lot of local friends turn up even though it was a surprise date.

Our first kiss as a man and wife.
A cute looking bridemaid and of course she had to wear pink.
Sid and Pip seemed to hit get on well together.
In fact . . . . . . . . . . . .
Very well, goodness knows what Curly's family will think when they see this photo!
Then it was time to throw the bouquet.
Look who caught it. . . . . . now that is a bit of a worry.
The top table at the reception looked fantastic with Champagne, Maltesers, Bananas and Cupcake. What more could a chimp ask for on his wedding day?

Then it was all over and Pip and I set off to enjoy some quiet time together. Luckily I could still drive as I only had a very small glass of champagne. I needed to keep a clear head for the evening!

You can see here just how helpful Abbie was, she made a great photographer and I have used some of her photos here today.

Hopefully, I will get back to doing all the prompts soon but in the meantime I am trying to organise a honeymoon. Watch this space!!!!

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Going football crazy!

This week Hedgie wanted us to tell him our thoughts on The World Cup and football so I am keeping my post just to that and I not even thinking about 'The Wedding.' I am so excited about the world cup, I found my football kit and had kick about on the back lawn.
I nearly got Shirley's camera with the speed of this kick.
My control of the ball is amazing even if I do say so myself. This header would make any professional footballer jealous. I think even Fabio Capello would be impressed.
I sat and watched the opening ceremony and it was amazing.

I wish I could say the same for England's first game, mind you I did get rather excited when England scored. Maybe I should offer to go in goal for their next match.


Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Away with the family.

Gosh, have I had a busy week this week! Not only have I been busy celebrating my engagement to Pip but I have also been away ‘Up North’. Well that is what Colin and Shirley have been calling it and to be honest it did seem rather a long journey in the car especially as I was sitting on the back seat listening to 2 new ‘best friends’ talking about weddings ALL the way! Luckily Abbie was sat in the back of the car too so at least I was not ignored completely! Mind you I shouldn’t complain really as I had a great time away and managed to do and see lots of things. Although I wasn’t too sure about this Viking lady I met on our first trip out exploring the city of York.You can see our gang of three here exploring a little sculpture just outside of York Cathedral.

We had a job getting Curly off it but the mention of a trip to 'Bettys' for coffee and cake soon got her moving.
Curly and I stopped for a quick pose outside the shop and then straight in for a mooch over the menu and cake trolley.

Abbie had to help Curly as she had a job making her mind up.
Pip and I had no problem choosing, chocolate cake every time!

Not sure if Curly wanted some of my cake here but she definitely wasn’t getting any.
Shirley thought these looked rather nice too.
Our next stop was supposed to be the Castle Museum but Shirley got distracted by this shop on the way!

We eventually got to the museum and had fun looking around and we came across a great little play ground. The girls and I had a quick game of Hopscotch.
However, I didn’t find it very funny when I got perched up here!
After the museum we went on an open top bus ride
Abbie took charge of Curly and explained everything we could see to her.

However, Curly wasn’t very good at balancing on the seat.

After that little incident I decided it was best that Shirley held onto me.
Once we got off the bus Abbie decided we all needed a group hug and a rest so that we would be ready for more adventures over the next few days.

We visited a museum called The Eden Camp where there were lots of exhibits to see. I could not resist sitting on these sandbags, just as well Pip and Curly decided to stay in York and do some shopping otherwise I would have got told off.
I am just glad that I am a toy who lives out in the big wide world rather than being stuck in this toy shop window, like this poor Teddy.
The next day we set off early for our drive to Beamish where there was a massive museum with lots of exciting things to see and do, well for me anyway. Pip and Curly decided they wanted to stay in the car and make wedding plans. Apparently Curly is going to be a bridesmaid, whatever that is! Don’t you think Abbie and I look rather cute together?
You can see from this selection of photos just how much fun we had, although I was a bit worried about falling down the wrong side of the bars in the bank vault.
The print room was amazing, I clocked on for work and watched the boss who was busy printing some posters. He did not seem to get as messy as Shirley when she does some printing in her craft room and his alphbet stamps looked different too.

Then we went to the shops, they had some really strange things in them.
We then went on an old bus to school.
Luckily I did not hide in the teacher’s desk.
We tried out the little desks first, they were very tiny.
Then Abbie thought she would see what the teacher’s desk in another room felt like, mind you she doesn’t look too thrilled that I followed her in there.
Finally we went out into the playground and Abbie found this big metal hoop thing she kept chasing around, it made a really loud clanging sound, much louder than the Nintendo game that she loves to play with in the car.
As you can see I did have rather a busy week.