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Sunday, 5 September 2010

Reading a book.

The last time I posted here on my blog I told you that I had some exciting news to share with you and now I can finally tell you what it is. With the help of a very good friend of mine I have had a book published. If I am totally honest I did not write the book myself (well if Katy Price can do it so can I!) but I am very proud that it is all about me. Sue Mynall is a very talented artist and has illustrated lots of books she is an avid follower of my blog, in fact she appeared on it HERE. Recently Shirley had a VERY BIG birthday and Sue and I thought it would be a lovely surprise to do this book for her as a present. Due to my publisher being very fussy about copyright I can only post a few of the pages here for you to see. I hope you enjoy looking at them. You can see some more of Sue’s picture on her website HERE

This is Candy's favourite page.
I think you will agree that it is a lovely book, I am hoping it will sell lots of copies and maybe by this time next year I will be famous and be appearing on talk shows promoting my next book. LOL.


  1. This is so lovely, and those drawings are fantastic! Lucky you Bongo being published, and lucky Shirley getting such a fab present! Luv Hedgie x

  2. Wow that is truly amazing! Bongo will you remember us when you are famous?

  3. Wow Cuz, that is brilliant. Sue is very talented - what a great present for Shirley. Monkey x