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Sunday, 30 May 2010

In the Sunshine.

This week Duckie thought it was a good idea for us to enjoy the sunshine we have been having and gave us the word 'SUN' as a prompt along with some quotes.
I enjoyed getting out in the sunshine and here are some photos to prove it!
Me up a tree enjoying the 'Sunday morning sunshine.'
'Keep your face towards the sunshine and the shadows will fall behind you.' Here I am really relaxing in my deckchair and sunnies!
Henley is 'A place in the sun,' that I enjoyed being with my mate Sue.
Pip loved me singing 'You are my sunshine,' to her.
In fact she enjoyed it so much she said I should enter the Sun's Star Search talent contest!
Though to be honest I think she was just saying that because she loves me.
We have now fixed a date for our wedding.
Watch this space.!!!!

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Using my time wisely.

Duckie’s word for the week is TIME and I have managed to do lots of things with my time recently: I went for a walk with Abbie in the local Bluebell wood, it was really lovely being given a cuddle as we walked around the wood an admired the flowers.They smelt good too!
Shirley went to a great crafty event and Kathy, Kay and Curly came along too.
We stopped at the shops on the way, apparently this is what you have to do when you go anywhere! I did see rather a stunning suitcase in one shop.
Once we got to the hotel I found out that the another thing you HAVE to do is make time to have a drink and naughty desserts.
Thank goodness Curly was there to keep me company and chat too because Kay, Kathy and Shirley were talking non stop!
You can see that they had lots of colours to play with in the class and just in case you are wondering, that notice was not stuck in my head!
Mind you I was lucky and did manage to sneek a bit of time with one of the teachers myself!
One morning there was great excitement at breakfast, it was BIRTHDAY TIME! Kay had funtime opening her presents and luckily for everyone Shirley and Kathy did not sing Happy Birthday to her as that could have been rather embarrassing. Not that that usually stops Shirley! Listening to Kay and Shirley talking I heard them make plans for Curly to come and stay with us, which is great news.
This week Colin decided it was time to tidy the loft, I am not surprised as when I got to have a peek it was in a right old mess. Apparently Sue and Abbie are going to ‘do’ a car boot soon and lots of stuff is going to be sold at that hopefully!

After all that hard work of sorting out the loft it was time to go out for a walk. Now you know I have been building up to a very special moment in time. Well today was the day. I found this rather wonky tree stump and it was on this tree stump that I got down on one knee and asked Pip to marry me.

You can tell by the smile on my face SHE SAID 'YES'.
Now you would think that was enough excitement in my life, however, there is more to come. Curly has arrived and is staying with us for a couple of weeks.
Pip was so excited that she had a girly friend to share our news with and started making wedding plans immediately!
However, one thing I had not bargained for was soooooooooooooo much girly chat.
I suppose I will just have to get used to that!


Monday, 17 May 2010

Having some funny moments!

When I read Monkey’s prompt last week I wondered what I could do to be FUNNY as I am normally a shy retiring chimp! LOL
So Cuz I have tried very hard to be funny.
Sue thought it was pretty funny to ‘Pimp’ me up in some of the clothes Shirley has in a BIG box in a cupboard!!!!

Then to add insult to injury I was placed on top of this enormous ice cream cone.
Boy was I glad it was only a pretend and not a real ice cream otherwise it could have been rather chilly!!!
Shirley went on very Arty Crafty weekend with Kay and Kathy and insisted I came along too, she had to take my photo in the bathroom with my FUNNY SMILE and toothbrush holder. What does Chimp need to do to get some privacy?
It was Sue’s birthday last week and I bought a very special present, a FUNNY Chocolate Monkey (sorry cuz). Mind you she never offered me any!!!!
Monkey wanted us to try and do a video so I have followed his example and went to Jib Jab and had some FUN.
You can see the video in the post below. LOL

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

Tuesday, 11 May 2010


It has been my week to give the toys a prompt and it was one word EXPLORE and I have been exploring a lot over the past week.
My week started by going to London and while I was there I explored Jules’s flat.
From her kitchen window you can see the London Eye but unfortunately you can not see it in this photo.
What you can see is that the apartment is very high up and I did get a little worried when I was balanced on the open window ledge!
On exploring the apartment I found a lovely selection of twigs to climb up!
Also a Duckie with a bandaged head.
Jules lifted me up to admire one of the paintings hanging on her wall.
During a very relaxing evening I was allowed to play with Jules’s iphone.
The next day I went on a train journey, it was the first time I had ever been on a train and it went very fast!

On our return to London I explored the South bank and saw the London Eye close up and I could also see Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.
Then it was a bus ride home to Oxford, it seemed to me that everyone was sleeping on the coach.
Sunday was Colin’s birthday and he had a rather yummy looking birthday cake; I could not resist exploring how it tasted.
The next time I was taken out to explore was with Abbie and she was in charge of me and the camera! We went down by the river and Abbie thought it would be fun for me to try flying for the first time and boy could she throw me up high!

I was relieved when she stopped and decided to take this photo of us both.
Shirley took me out shopping a few times first it was to the supermarket where there were loads of wire baskets piled up.
Then it was off to John Lewis, I was really pleased that I was not left in the car after reading this notice!
Shirley and Colin went shopping for a new bed this week but some how Shirley also managed to buy a new handbag. It has lots of pockets which I had fun exploring. Hopefully with this pocket on the outside it will mean that I will not be stuffed inside where I can not see what is happening.
After a day at home we went out exploring again. There is a lovely town nearby called Abingdon and as you can see there are some lovely flower tubs there and lots of places to see!

Exploring around I found this funny looking telephone box, Shirley explained to me that people who do not have mobile phones use them to make phone calls.
It certainly looks very different to the iphone that I played with when I stayed with Jules.
There were lots of bikes but Shirley would not let me sit on any of them.
The old Town hall looked very grand.
We found the new Town hall and to be honest I do not think it looks as exciting as the old one.
One of the main events in the country this week has been General election and Shirley and Colin went to put their crosses on a bit of paper. Whilst they were inside the polling station I explored sliding down the handrail. It was very hard and cold.
Now I have done a lot of exploring this week and it has been very interesting but the most exciting part of my exploring this week has been with Pip. It was an amazing kiss and I think it is time for me to go shopping at the jewellers!!!