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Monday, 17 May 2010

Having some funny moments!

When I read Monkey’s prompt last week I wondered what I could do to be FUNNY as I am normally a shy retiring chimp! LOL
So Cuz I have tried very hard to be funny.
Sue thought it was pretty funny to ‘Pimp’ me up in some of the clothes Shirley has in a BIG box in a cupboard!!!!

Then to add insult to injury I was placed on top of this enormous ice cream cone.
Boy was I glad it was only a pretend and not a real ice cream otherwise it could have been rather chilly!!!
Shirley went on very Arty Crafty weekend with Kay and Kathy and insisted I came along too, she had to take my photo in the bathroom with my FUNNY SMILE and toothbrush holder. What does Chimp need to do to get some privacy?
It was Sue’s birthday last week and I bought a very special present, a FUNNY Chocolate Monkey (sorry cuz). Mind you she never offered me any!!!!
Monkey wanted us to try and do a video so I have followed his example and went to Jib Jab and had some FUN.
You can see the video in the post below. LOL


  1. OMG, what do you look like in that outfit??!! LOL Thanks for having fun Cuz, although tbh I think you do most weeks with Shirley! Monkey x

  2. Wow what a fab week again Bongo and I fell off my chair laughing at your jibjab, well done you.

    Look after Curly for me. K xxx

  3. What a great mover you are. You rock!!!.


  4. What a fun time you've been having, love you all dressed up! Looked a bit precarious on that ice cream cone though! Luv Hedgie x

  5. What fun you had and you really find some unusual things when you are out and about!!

    Sorry Clemmie is being a bit off at the mo

    Lynne xx