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Friday, 9 April 2010

Looking for a boat.

As it was the boat race last weekend Hedgie wanted to see me in a boat!
I tried to find one of the Oxford crews boats but all the boat houses were locked up.

These were the only boats I could find and I got a bit wet and cold trying to get in one of them.
So I quickly got dressed and thought I had found a nice warm cosy boat to try out but Shirley told me I was not allowed on the boat as the owners were not there. To be honest I don't think they would have worried but nevermind.
So in the end I tried to convince my mate Hippo to let me have a go in his boat but he would not let me. The best idea I could come up with was this container that I found in one of Shirley's kitchen cupboards. Hippo insisted in joining in just so he could show off his skills, I was not impressed.
Off to enjoy some sunshine now and meet Pip.



  1. I can see why you wouldn't be inpressed Cuz, that Hippo is a bit of a show off eh?? Well done on finding all those other boats though, you get taken on lots of interesting trips :-) Monkey x

  2. Oh I like the look of hippo! Is he single do you know?

    Love Pamela x

  3. Absolutely Brilliant, much better thn my boat trip, I got very wet LOL!!

    Lots of love Clemmie xx

  4. Bongo, you're welcome on my Mum's boat anytime you want hun!!! I like the look of Hippo though he's fun. Plus that view is one of my families fav's it's a lovely walk isn't it. Curly xxx

  5. Wow you are sooo brave Bongo and I love your boat because you can look through the bottom at all the fishes.

  6. Wow Bongo, what an exciting time you've been having! Thanks for doing so well with all my prompts! Luv Hedgie x