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Saturday, 24 April 2010

Having a busy week.

I am not being very good at answering questions this week as I have had rather a busy time.
My Birthday was great fun; I had a yummy chocolate cake and got to meet up with Curly and Pip!
A pretty girl on each arm, it was definitely my birthday!
Kay gave me a very special present that she brought me back from New York; I am looking forward to getting really inky with it.
Sue brought around a box of chocolates this week and all I got to do was sit on the box. I think that was really unfair.
Shirley and Colin bought a new car the other day and it is a very lovely Magenta colour, I got to sit on the top of it whilst Shirley packed the shopping in the boot. Luckily she remembered I was there before she drove off.
The sun has been shining and it has been really warm here in Oxford.
Abbie took me for a guided tour of her garden and she took some photos of me for my blog.
The tour started with rather a sad moment as this is a photo of a plaque that Sue and Abbie had made when their lovely cat Roxy died. It is in a nice sunny spot in the garden and near where Roxy loved to sleep in the sun.
Here I am having a bit of a ‘matey’ moment with Harvey, who has been living with Sue for longer than Abbie!
I then went off to investigate the cat flap, not much use as a cat flap really as it is really a hole in the garage door. I had a bit of an accident here!
Luckily Fluff was on hand to give me a kiss to help me feel better. I hope Pip doesn’t see this.
This was an interesting bit of garden architecture and a rather handsome chimp looking back at me. LOL.
After all the photo action Abbie and I needed a bit of a rest.
Curly wants to know: what would be your really most ideal holiday in all world if you had just won the lottery so money was totally no object?
Well I am going to need to think hard about that, my dream holiday might well be a Honeymoon as I would love to ask Pip to marry me and whisk her off to a Caribbean Island.
I wonder if she would say yes.


  1. Oh Bongo fab piccy's as normal and thanks everso for answering my question hun! I hope you get to do that one day soon! Glad you liked mum's pressie from NYC. Curly xxx

  2. I think Bongo you should ask Curly to marry you, I'm sure she would say yes. Looks like you have had lots of fun this week.


  3. I actually meant Pip, not Curly. I'm thinking of eating my curly wurly!!!!.


  4. Another busy week for you, new car looks great, shame you didn't get any chocolates! Hope you've recovered from your accident, and good luck with your love life! Luv Hedgie x

  5. Glad you had a great birthday, your chocolate cake looks really yummy - I hope you did not get too messy eating it though LOL!!!

    Great photos :)

  6. Love the look of that chocolate cake and the colour of the car. Glad you weren't forgotten.