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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Suffering from too much Chocolate!

Hedgie is asking us some questions this week and he wanted to know if I had an Easter egg.
Well let me tell you about my Easter Sunday, we had some extra visitors, when Abbie came around she brought 2 of her toys all dressed up for Easter.
I did not have any special Easter clothes which to be honest I was very grateful for especially when I saw what they were wearing!!!!
Shirley and Colin had set up an Easter egg trail for myself and Abbie.
We were indoors for some of the trail, up and downstairs was quite tiring but at least I was in the basket, poor Abbie was the one doing all the work.

We found lots of little eggs and a little bunny that hopped and chick that made a chirping noise. After we had finished Abbie's Mummy, Sue, thought it would be funny to put me in the Bunny outfit!
Abbie then lined us all up with the eggs and have our photo taken.
I am just glad that Pip was not around to see me looking like this.
Once I managed to get out of this outfit I hid away and ate loads of chocolate, now I have a bit of a tummy ache.



  1. Thank goodness I didn't see Sue at the weekend Bongo!! Though you could say thet the outfit would be 'Wicked' (Gosh I do like that word!)on someone else LOL!!
    Did you eat any of the chocolate? I had some eggs as you will see when I am allowed to blog! Lynne has been rather tied up with things over the weekend!
    Lots of love Clemmie xx

  2. Bongo you look like one hell of a hunk to me in that bunny outfit. It brings out the colour in your eyes.
    You mustn't eat too much chocolate otherwise you could get stuck in that costume.

    Love Pamela x

  3. Don't listen to Pamela! I'm afraid that bunny outfit will do nothing for your street cred!! Mind you, that was a lot of chocolate, and I usually find an indigestion tablet sorts out most gluttony problems LOL. Monkey x

  4. You look gorgeous Bongo. Hope you didn't eat too many Easter eggs??