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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Looking for summer.

It was my turn to do the prompts this week and talk about getting it wrong.
My word for the week was ‘Summer’ and this past week has not been very summery at all.
Apparently one of the things people do in the summer is go for a picnic with nice things to eat and drink. All I got was to sit on the lawn with a Cupcake fridge magnet.
We don’t have much in the way of summer fruits growing in the garden; this is an alpine strawberry Shirley likes to grow because the strawberries are lovely and sweet.
Personally I prefer the Pick your own Raspberries from the local farm shop.
Pip preferred the look of the Cherries!
Whilst out in the garden I thought I would pose amongst the Sweet peas, I just wish Shirley had told me just how near that buzzy bee was to me.

Now I am not sure if you remember but a couple of weeks ago Monkey was offering a prize for the best hiding place found by a toy. Well, the outcome of that competition is that I won a holiday for Pip and I to join Monkey and his family on a holiday to Portugal.
Pip got really excited too as she thought we were never going to get a honeymoon.
Here I am showing her on a map just where we are going to.
I was even more excited when Shirley told me that for some of the journey Pip and I would be travelling first class.

I am so looking forward to our week’s holiday with Monkey and his family but I am a little concerned about Sid as he heard that Curly has a new man called Winston in her life. He is really a Sulking Sid now! Hopefully by the time we get back home he will have cheered up.
Adeus amigos.



  1. Oooh you two are so lucky to be going on your honeymoon, know you'll have a great time! Hope the rest of your travel is a bit more comfy! Love those cherry earrings on Pip! Luv Hedgie x

  2. Don't you worry my friends, a first class welcome awaits you :-) Really pleased you can make it and we're all looking forward to meeting Pip. Monkey x

  3. OH how lovely a really monkey style holiday all of you apes together. I hope you have a really fab time and Pip is nice and relaxed for the imminent arrival. Lots of love Curly's Mum. xx

  4. I am sure you will have a really fab time away :)

    Glad you did not get stung by the bumblebee as I think that could of been more painful than your form of transport!!!

  5. I hope you have a lovely time, I'm sure you will.

    I hope you didn't eat all those raspberries as they might have given you a belly ache.