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Sunday, 4 July 2010

Playing hide and seek.

Last week Monkey was playing hide and seek and he thought it would be a good idea for the soft toys to play hide and seek too. Little did he know that hiding away was going to be a good idea for me because this week I am certainly in the dog house.Pip is still sulking because Curly got kidnapped by Irene and spends half the day looking out the front window waiting for her to come back. Personally I think it is something to do with Pip's hormones too!
Sid is wanting brotherly ((((hugs)))) because his girlfriend is not around.
So here are a few of the hiding places I found.
This birhday card that Shirley got from Monkey and his family really does hide me well don’t you think?
Here I am in the soup!
Definitely a good idea to keep my mouth shut this week as whatever I said was wrong.
I thought the summerhouse would make a good hiding place, with so many cobwebs it is obvious that people do not come here very often. Just call me Mr Havisham. LOL.
However, the best hiding place must have been the ironing pile as I stayed there for days and no one came near.
With the lovely sunny weather the garden was a really lovely place to hide away.
First I went up a tree and then in the flower tub. In fact whilst Pip was on one of her vigils looking out for the return of Curly she saw me having so much fun that she decided to cheer up and join me in amongst the clematis flowers.

Now Monkey said we might get a prize for the best hiding place. I wonder if I have won it? Maybe it is a holiday for two, that would be really great as I still haven't booked a honeymoon yet and Pip reckons she will be too big to fly soon!


  1. Lol at the ironing pile. Mrs N has one of those too.


  2. Joe's mummy has as well, and I hid there too - must get my photos uploaded.

    Fab hiding places Cuz, shame you are in the dog house though. It looks like female hormones are to be avoided if at all possible... however I could say that you are partly to blame for the current mood swings LOL.

  3. Looks as if you might get out of the dog house soon! Great hiding places though, useful for future info if you get in trouble again! Luv Hedgie x

  4. Oh those are such fab hiding places I'd certainly give you the prize Bongo. Hugs hun and I hope your woes are over soon. XXX

  5. Lots of great hiding places, love the idea of hiding in the ironing though LOL!!