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Monday, 28 June 2010

Worried about Curly!

Shirley has had her friend Irene staying for a few days and we have all been having fun but this morning when Irene went back to Yorkshire she told Shirley that she was removing Curly to a place of safety. Shirley is now in panic mode as Curly's family will be wondering just what is happening to their little lamb. Sid of course is crying his eyes out and Pip isn't speaking to me as she has now lost her best friend.
Some mornings you just wonder why you got out of bed!!!I think I might be going on my honeymoon on my own at this rate.


  1. Oh dear Bongo. Poor Sid - Will it be a case of "out of sight out of mind" or "absence makes the heart grow fonder". I am sure Curly will be well looked after. Hope this won't affect your honeymoon plans.


  2. Oh dear, marital bliss hasn't lasted too long then? Just hope that Curly will be safe in the wilds of Yorkshire, mind you, there are plenty of other sheep there! Luv Hedgie x

  3. Hope Curly will be OK? Mind you those photos of her and Sid did bother me a bit.
    I am hoping to see Pamela soon and find out if absence makes the heart grow fonder, as Lynne says we have to get Peter's bowls from Claire! Hope it's soon!
    Cheerio for now
    Love Clemmie xx

  4. OOOH Curly where have you gone hun???? I hope Irene takes more care of you than I suspect Shirley did though Tee hee. We love you loads and hope you have a fab time Irene is a super lady so I'm sure you'll be fine. Bongo I'm so sorry my little girl has caused you and your's so much grief. Lots of love. Mum xxx