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Sunday, 13 June 2010

Going football crazy!

This week Hedgie wanted us to tell him our thoughts on The World Cup and football so I am keeping my post just to that and I not even thinking about 'The Wedding.' I am so excited about the world cup, I found my football kit and had kick about on the back lawn.
I nearly got Shirley's camera with the speed of this kick.
My control of the ball is amazing even if I do say so myself. This header would make any professional footballer jealous. I think even Fabio Capello would be impressed.
I sat and watched the opening ceremony and it was amazing.

I wish I could say the same for England's first game, mind you I did get rather excited when England scored. Maybe I should offer to go in goal for their next match.



  1. Oh Bongo, I can't stop laughing here! You look great in that kit, and yes, I think someone should phone Fabio and let him know you are available, right now!!!!!!! Luv Hedgie x

  2. Bongo what fab photos and you certainly are a footballer LOL!!
    Think Auntie Shirley did a bit of 'photgraphy fiddling' to get those shots? LOL!!
    oh and did you know we have the same furniture in our house...Lynne says it is Nathan?
    Can you tell me when this wedding is going to be? I seem to have missed the date LOL!!
    Much love
    Clemmie xx

  3. The wedding is next week Clemmie as Pip says she doesn't believe in long engagements!!!

  4. Great photos and love the football kit Bongo :)

  5. I think you should be the goal keeper for England Bongo, with all your football skills you wouldn't allow a goal in the net. :)

  6. Brilliant header Bongo. Think you should be in the team!!