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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Recovering from my Extreme sport video clip!

Monkey set the prompts for us this week and he really did challenge us especially with his last prompt:
There are signs of spring starting to show, go outside and see what you can find.
Well I managed to find some lovely crocus flowers and inside was a bee. Shirley told me I was lucky to see a bee as they are getting scarce and in some places their hives are very poorly!

Saturday night is DVD night in our house. What is your favourite film and why?
I found this DVD that Shirley has had since Christmas and has not watched yet!!!
I am hoping to see it very soon and then I will know if it is my favourite!
Today's is Mothering Sunday. Give your mum/owner/carer a big hug today and show us how much you love her. We went out for a lovely family meal and whilst we were there Abbie took this photo of me when I was giving Shirley a hug.Liam loves space and he has been teaching me about it. What planet would you most like to visit and why?
I looked out of the window last night and saw lots of stars and planets in the sky.
I checked in Colin's book today and I think I have found a planet I would most like to visit. It is MARS and I would love to go to a planet that is named after one of favourite chocolate bars. LOL.
Joe's mummy helps out at Liam's school on a Tuesday afternoon. What is your favourite children's game or activity, and why?
I love to play big card Scrabble because it helps me with my spelling.
Today is recycling day here, and Joe's mummy has trained our house well. What have you recycled today?
Apparently this bin is called a compost bin and inside it is very dirty. Colin was out in the garden today and he kept feeding this bin with all sorts of things!
No week is complete without a bit of extreme sporting. Try something extreme today and tell me how you got on - it might give me some new ideas to try! If you can post a little video of your activity that would be brilliant!
This was very hard for me to do because I kept getting mixed up with the elastic band!

I hope you liked the video.



  1. Hey Cuz, fab answers to my prompts this week. I've watched Twilight with Joe's mummy and it is quite good although she says the books are better. Bet she still buys New Moon DVD though ;-) That compost looks a bit smelly! Love your video, and how clever of Shirley to add music. Monkey x

  2. Bongo. I did bungee jumping too. Our minds think alike as I want to go to Mars too. Shall we go together? I think I may be deranged now as I fell on my head after my jumping.


  3. Poor Bongo - what is Shirley doing to you!! I hope you were doing that sponsored so someone made some money!! You are a very brave monkey!

  4. Oh wow Bongo that is sooooo brill you have such a clever Mum. What a fab week hun. Curly xxx

  5. You were very brave Bongo as I wouldn't do a bungee jump. You rock Bongo!!!.

    Claire and Charlotte xx

  6. Wow Bongo I agree with Curly what a clever MOM you have eh and how great you were too, not sure I could have done that Bungy jump!!
    Lynne says she thinks it was very professional...what ever that means LOL?
    You are really a fab toy!!
    Love Clemmie xx

  7. Wow Bongo, you're very brave!
    Did you enjoy Twilight? I think I prefer the book to the film...