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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Falling in Love.

Duckie has given us another week of prompts.
As the weather has been so nice a lot of time has been spent in Mrs N’s garden so his prompts this week all have something to do with gardening
Every garden may have some weeds.
Well Shirley’s garden certainly had a lot of weeds in it but thanks to Colin and a little help from me they have nearly all gone now. Let’s get down and dirty.
After all that weeding I needed a rest and found this pile of dirty pots to sit on.
You should compost because a rind is a terrible thing to waste.
I had a look inside Shirley’s compost bin last week so this week I thought I would have a look and see what comes out the other end. Well it all looked rather dirty inside but the little door was great to have a slide on.
I never promised you a rose garden.
No Rose garden here but we do have a great water garden, glad I had my boots on.
Scatter seeds of happiness.
Today I thought I would find out a bit more about this gardening lark and joined a gardener's forum.
I am so happy, I met someone really special there and she lives just a few miles away.
A thing of beauty is a joy forever.
Need I say more Pip is beautiful, cute and pink.
I have changed my mind about the colour pink now I think it is the best colour ever.
There is never enough thyme.
I thought this photo of a slow snail taking his time to crawl over my boot would be a great one for today’s prompt, until Shirley told me that thyme is a herb and nothing to do with clocks ticking. However, I have decided to use it anyway as I have an important date and no time to take another photo!
Can you tell I am really excited?


  1. Oh what a lovely week in the garden Bongo. Love the compost slide especially. Pip seems to have more than caught your interest, enjoy and be careful of there internet friends Mum says Shirley must check she's who she says she is! Would hate you to get hurt hun. Lots of love Curly xxx

  2. Bongo, Lynne just loved your take on the prompts this week.
    Do you know I thought it meant time too.

    I wasn't allowed to open the compost door and I think you were very brave sliding on such a smelly thing too!!

    I have asked Lynne if we can finish the prompts today but not sure if we can as she has a very busy day:(

    Lots of love
    Clemmie xx

  3. Bongo - in love!!!!! with PINK. Pip looks very colourful. So pleased you met somone whilst researching my prompts. I love your boots by the way - think I would like your water garden. You and Colin have been very busy in the garden to get rid of all the weeds.

  4. Hi Bongo, you have been a busy boy! That bungee jump looked a bit dangerous to me! Hope you have recovered! Are you really in love, hope it works out for you! Luv Hedgie x

  5. Ooh Bongo welldone in finding love. I'm loving your red duffle coat.


  6. Now Cuz, don't let that woman rule your head! We have important adventures to do this year. Mind you, she is one hot monkey isn't she?

    Love your photos for this week's prompts - fair play to you playing on the compost bin, rather you than me! That water garden looks fun, and I think your boots are very cool. Monkey x

  7. I have always said that pink is best Bongo.
    Great set of prompts.
    Love Pamela x

  8. Great set of prompts and photos - I just love those green wellies Bongo :)