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Sunday, 7 March 2010

Hanging around a lot.

Here are another couple of quotes from Dr Suess :
“I like nonsense; it wakes up the brain cells.”
Well here I am reading some nonsense and trying to wake up my brain cells!
I saw some ladies sitting under machines like this one the other day, I think they were all trying to wake up their brain cells too.

“Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.”
I was a bit hyperactive after waking up my brain cells, so I thought I would go on an exploring mission and swing around a bit.
First the dining room light fitting!
Then this parrot that seems to hang around in the conservatory and do nothing!
The light out side the front door was a bit high up but I got there!
The rotary dryer, not too sure what goes on this but it is lovely and whizzes around.
Then I thought I would climb up the shrub by the nature pond.It was a bit difficult and the twigs were very brittle.
In fact they were so brittle that one broke and I ended up falling on to the pond. Luckily I did not get wet because it was still frozen over with ice.It was very hard though and I now have a very sore arm!
Hopefully it will be better soon. Shirley says I have not broken it but has told me I need to rest it for a day or two. I just think she wants me to keep still for a while!!!



  1. Oh Bongo your adventures got you into a bit of trouble but I am sure you will be OK in a day or two

  2. Bongo have you been eating bananas? lynne says you have gone bananas!!
    Not sure about these brain cells as a fter trying to spell my name it has made me very tired LOL
    love your snoozy friend Clemmie xx

  3. Oh Bongo, I hope you are ok. Perhaps you need to take things a bit easier.

    Lots of Love Pamela x

  4. hahah Bongo, I think you need a nice blue or purple rinse before you sit under one of those hot thingys. On a serious note, hope you arm is better soon, you do give Monkeys a good name LOL. Monkey x

  5. Oh dear Bongo looks like you have been in the wars, you need to be careful now :)

  6. Love that thinkg on your head. I am sure it is waking up the brain cells. So glad the pond was still ice and you didn't get wet. Hope your arm is better soon.