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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Answering Koala's questions.

Koala is asking us a whole load of questions this week.
So here goes with the answers.

What crafting embellishment best reflects your personality?
Well I think I am bright and sparkly so 'Bling' definately reflects my personality!

I often hear Paula say that she likes to ‘stroke’ her stash, do you ever get a chance to ‘stroke’ any stash?
Not only do I get to stroke but I love to get right in there with it!

You will have noticed that your ‘carers’ scrapbook and into crafting, what craft tool do you most like to use?
You may remember that Shirley got her PINK cuttlebug the other week. Well I love to play with that.
Well until today when this happened!!!!

You may recall that when I introduced myself I told you that I was called Bongo because that was the name on the label on my bottom and I was too shy to show you, well Shirley grabbed this shot before I could stop her.
She really is a pain with that camera sometimes!
Do you have your own mode of transport at home?
I think Pamela may have a car!!

I do have my own mode of transport and boy do I look a cool dude around the neighbourhood.
Shirley says I should really wear a helmet at the speeds I travel but I am having a job finding one to fit one to fit!
See I told you I went fast!
Try and find an unusual mode of transport today?
I searched all over the place for something unusual to ride on and nearly gave up until I remembered that Abbie had a stable full of horses.
I even managed to jump a few fences but Shirley was so slow with the camera she missed the shot!
Today have a group hug if you can!! Or hug your family.
Oh boy did I have a great day out.
I met up with most of the toys and we had lots of fun and many group hugs.
This shot of us all riding in Shirley's Hotdog carton (it was a massive hotdog) was great to do.
I certainly consider these guys my family now.
What is your favourite/usual mode of transport if and when you go out?
To be honest I do not usually have much say in the matter.
I am normally stuffed in my plastic bag and put in Shirley's handbag, luckily I was allowed out for air whilst Shirley took this photo.
Next week it is my turn to put up some prompts for the toys so I am having to think very hard at the moment.
Come back soon and see what I come up with.


  1. Goodness me Bongo you have been busy this week, you cetainly are the 'blingiest' Bongo ever!!

    You seem to be swimming in the stash, I dont know about stroking it!! You are very active, I love your scateboard and you are so lucky that Abbie has stables so that you can exercise her ponies.

    That was such fun,in Shirley's hot dog box, a great group hun!!!

    Thank goodness you dont always have to be carried in a plastic bag!

  2. Ouch - the Cuttlebug looks painful Bongo! I hope it didn't leave any permanent damage!

    Love Pamela x

  3. You've been having fun Bongo, was great to see you the other day! hope you've recovered from that squishing in that machine thing! Luv Hedgie x

  4. Fancy being squashed in that machine. Glad you managed to escape. That skateboard looks very exciting. I too think you need a helmet though. I think you are very brave I am a bit frightened of horses myself.

  5. Bongo, you are so funny. How embarrassing to get a photo taken of your bottom. Mind you, the year is still young so there may be more embarrassment coming our way yet! Monkey x

  6. Hello dear friend what an exciting life you have with Shirley
    I have a label on my bottom too :)
    I can see you can read already and that you have done this week's prompts, so off to think about them now!
    Bye for now
    love Clemmie xx