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Sunday, 21 February 2010

Trying to hide.

I have finally plucked up the courage to post about the colours in my life.
I think a lot Shirley's friends know that PINK is one of her favourite colours but I have an aversion to PINK at the moment.
Shirley tells me that 'Real men wear pink'.
Well I have news for her I am a chimp not a man and I do not like to wear PINK.
This is the dressing gown that I have to wear everyday when I get ready for bed!!!
I have tried to stop Shirley taking a photo of me in it but she just caught me on my way to bed the other night.
I am going to get rid of this item of clothing one day soon, maybe I can put it out in the charity bag when Shirley's not looking. There a so many colours in the world that I have difficulty choosing which colour is my favourite. Abbie has just knitted me another scarf and it is a deep RED so I think I will choose RED as my favourite colour at the moment.
When we were out at the class on Monday, Abbie and I took a look around the the Craft shop to see how many colours we could find.
Mind you having said I like the colour red the other day I found this lovely red looking sweet lying around and I unwrapped it and thought yummy white chocolate!!!!!Well it was not Chocolate at all it was all yucky and waxy and Shirley told me it was her cheese and that I should not take things with out asking.
I suppose this answers Curly's question from the other week about eating something that surprised you when you tasted it. That really surprised me I can tell you!


  1. Bongo I love that dressing gown! It is the perfect pink if you ask me.
    I love your posts - they really do make me chuckle.
    Love Pamela x

  2. Hey Bongo my old mate.....luurrrve the pink dressing gown LOL. The cheese looks a bit odd though. Monkey x

  3. Oh Bongo that dressing gown is delish! Don't get rid of it!
    Your poor litle sad face - is that because you don't like cheese or because you got told off?

  4. Om My Bongo I just LOVE that dressing gown!!
    I recognise those red round things as Lynne carries them around in her bag too, glad I haven't tried them LOL!!
    Well done on finishing my challenge on colours
    Love your friend Clemmie xx

  5. Oh Bongo,don't be sad!You are always such a happy chappy!!
    I think you should keep the lovely dressing gown.You look just FAB in it!!Suits you sir!!

  6. Oh Bongo I love your dressing gown hun, mind you I can understand your not liking it. I'm surprised you don't like the cheese though it's very good for you you know. It strengthens your bones. Hugs can't wait to see you. Curly xxx

  7. I love your pink dressing gown Bongo, although I am not sure its suited for a little monkey, so although I love it I can sympathise with you too - LOL!!!