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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

At the Doctors

I am still answering some of the questions the other toys have given me:
I know I am not answering them in the right order but you must realise by now that I don't always do what I should!
You will remember from one of my earlier posts that Shirley always takes me out with her.
Well today she pushed me into my plastic bag as usual and took me to the doctors with her, when she does this I have to take a really deep breath because I do not know how long I am going to be in there!
You can see from this photo just how squashed I get, also to add another insult she had a curly whurly in her bag today and I was not able to get to it!
I could hear Shirley and the doctor talking and they seemed to be talking for ages, anyway the next thing I know is that being taken out of my bag and getting examined by the doctor.
This was really embarrassing but Shirley explained that he was just checking that it was alright for me to be put into a plastic bag so much.
Now I really do think she is insane!!!
Not too sure what the Doctor thought either but it was his idea to go on and check my pulse too!
I think I have answered a few questions today and it was nice to meet someone new as well.
I think Shirley is very lucky to have such a nice doctor to look after her don't you?


  1. Bongo your Shirley is one crazy lady! I am surprised her dr didn't sign a piece of paper to get her committed to the looney bin

    Love Pamela x

  2. My goodness Bongo Shirley must know her Dr very well to even ask such a thing. Glad you are OK. Think it is a bit dangerous to be put in a plastic bag. Luckily it doesn't matter if I get wet.

  3. OOOh Bongo I'm soooo glad you're ok though it's nice to have such a lovely man check you out. Hope you didn't have to hold that breath for too long. Curly

  4. Well Clemmie doesn't know about this Bongo but I think it was very sensible of Shirley to take you to the Dr and have a check up. Now you know you are fit as a fiddle and ready to meet Clemmie next week :) Clemmie has a pink plastic bag which he has with him :)
    Love Lynne xx

  5. Oh my giddy aunt!!! How mad is Shirley? Mind you, 100 out of 10 for bottle LOL Monkey x

  6. Bongo who knows what else will happen to you this year! Shirley is definately very brave!