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Friday, 12 February 2010

On the door step!

A little while ago Hedgie asked us toys if we were made to feel welcome in our new homes.
I must say that I have been made to feel very welcome by Shirley and Colin.
I think that no matter where ever I go in the world the door will always be opened for me when I ring on their doorbell. Mind you they do have rather a BIG doorstep.
Good job I am good at climbing.


  1. Bongo, Claire says you are looking a little "camp" with those woolies on and the handbag. Not sure what she means, I think you look COOL!!!!

    Love Pamela x

  2. Hi Bongo, you do look very cosy in your clothes, Shirley and Colin obviously think alot about you to provide you with such lovely garments. Not sure about the handbag though, I think a rucksack would suit you better.

    Love Koala xx

  3. That is a suitcase Koala and I have my passport in there just in case I get taken on holiday!
    I do have a rucksack but I keep that for when I go skateboarding. :o)
    Thoses woolies are a bit embarrissing aren't they but you should see my dressing gown now that is VERY embarrissing!!!!!

  4. Come on then Bongo, let's see the dressing gown!

    Love Pamela x

  5. Love the suitcase. Glad you have been made welcome.
    x Duckie

  6. Are you sure it is a suitcase? I know we're related but even I am having problem with believing it is not a handbag... sorry. Joe's mummy tells me Shirley is really nice, so I was sure that her and Colin would have made you very welcome. Monkey x

  7. OOOh Bongo I love your clothes hun they are very cosy looking I still don't have a thing to wear so I'm a little sad but hey I do have a really curly warm wooly coat all the time so maybe I'd get too hot if I wore clothes too? Love your suitcase too. Hope you get to go on a holiday really soon I'm very excited about mine.

  8. Glad to hear that you are being made welcome - not sure about the suitcase ?? handbag though - LOL!!!!