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Monday, 20 December 2010

Getting ready for Christmas.

I have been really busy for the last week, going to Sandie's Christmas party was fun. Sandie had been on holiday to Mexico and she brought me back a new friend and a sombrero. My new mate is called Pedro and plays great tunes on his Maracas.Then on Sunday I went to the final Funcrop of the year and Chris gave me a rather yummy Chocolate Santa.
The real big surprise was when we went for afternoon tea at the Randolph hotel. Shirley had been given a gift voucher for her birthday from her friends Sue and Martin,way back in June to have afternoon tea for 2. However, she snuck me in too. Apparently Inspector Morse often use to pop into the Randolph hotel and have a cuppa!
After measuring just how deep the snow was in the garden, Shirley thought it would be good to go for a little walk around.
Pip and I did not think it was such a good idea

Candy certainly wasn't happy.
At least we were able to dry out in the warm.
On Monday Abbie came around to play, we spent a lot of time in the kitchen. Abbie was on a secret mission with a surprise present.
I got to lick out the bowl.
Then we baked some Christmas biscuits.
The really BIG surprise was the animated video that Abbie made for me, she went to a workshop at the weekend and put together and shot the whole video. All I can say is Wallace and Grommit look out!

As you can see have been busy one way and another and with a bit of luck I am going to stay indoors until Christmas. Especially as Colin and Shirley have so much snow on their drive they can't get the car out of the garage!!
Have a HAPPY CHRISTMAS everyone.


  1. Wow Bongo, that looks like a fab week. I love Abbie's movie she's soooooo cool. I do so hope you and all your family have a brilliant and safe christmas. Love and hugs from all at our house.xxxxxx

  2. Bongo you are one lucky monkey. Abbie that movie is superb well done indeed.
    have a great Christmas

  3. Glad you and family thawed out Bongo, and didn't get lost in that snow! You seem to be having a great time, all those outings! Just love Abbi's video too! Clever girl! Merry Christmas to you all! Luv Hedgie xxxxx

  4. Wow Bongo, that video is fab!! You need to stay on Abbie's good side so she remembers you when she is rich and famous :-) Hope you managed to eat one of those cookie after all the help you gave to make them. Merry Christmas Cuz! Monkey xx

  5. Hi Duckie here. What a great week you have had Bongo out and about. Don't like the look of all that snow though. So pleased you have warmed up again - I should definitely stay in until it has all gone.
    What a brilliant video from Abbi - so clever and she can cook too. Definitely need to stay in her good books - hopefully you can give her loads of cuddles.
    Have a lovely Christmas. XXXXX

  6. Fantastic movie Abbie! Well done you xxx

  7. Abbie what a clever young lady you are!
    That video was fantastic and I would dearly love to know how you made it? Bet it was difficult!
    love Lynne x