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Thursday, 30 December 2010

Enjoying my presents.

Christmas was fun for me this year. It was our very first Christmas as a family and it was made even more special when Abbie and Sid arrived especially as Sid was carrying a load of presents for us. I felt a bit guilty as we had only got him a gift voucher to visit Monkey world!I got a gorgeous new Christmas top.
Pip received a stunning hat and matching scarf. Abbie knitted the scarf apparently!
Candy got very excited as she had two presents. You can see her here wearing the snuggly warm jumper that Santa brought her in her stocking.
Sid had given her a beautiful necklace and guitar, which she has not stop playing since Christmas day. I am not sure if I am pleased about that but hopefully she will get fed up eventually and find something quieter to do!
Then Dad popped in just in time for a family photo.
With Christmas over we thought that was the last of the presents but the postman had other ideas. As you know from my last post here on my blog we have had lots of snow, therfore the postman had not made any deliveries in ages so it was a lovely surprise to get a parcel yesterday. It was from Shirley's lovely friend Irene. We all got very excited when we unwrapped it!
When we opened it we were amazed, inside the wonderful suitcase was a pair of fairy shoes that Irene had made and some fairy dust.

I am going to see just what the fairy dust does when I sprinkle it about but I need to do that when Shirley isn't looking.
I will be back tomorrow because it will be the end of my year long blog and I will be saying goodbye to you all.



  1. OOH what a lovely christmas you've all had Bongo and very well deserved.

    Thank you for entertaining my family and I so well this year I hope I'll still see you from time to time. Love and hugs Curly xxx

  2. Wow Bongo what a wonderful Auntie Irene you have!!

    Sorry Clemmie opted out of this group and went walk abouts before we went on our cruise.

    What a wonderful year you have had and a wonderful family to live with too!1

    Hope to pop in and see you in 2011?

    My love and hugs for a Happy New Year

    Love from Auntie Lynne xxx

  3. What a wonderful Christmas you all had, and some lovely presents, lucky people! Wishing you and your family Happy New Year, and I will miss you and your antics! Luv Hedgie x

  4. Ah Bongo, what a fantastic Christmas you had.... and so many lovely gifts! I'll check back tomorrow to read your 2010 sign off - I really need to get myself organised and update my blog too. Monkey x