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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

I have been allowed out to play again.

Long time no see as the saying goes.
I have had a busy year one way and another, it was just as well Shirley's camera wasn't around for all of it!
Last weekend I got a big surprise when the cupboard door opened and I was grabbed most unceremoniously and told that I was off to meet my Cuz Monkey, now this was exciting because if you remember Pip and I went on holiday with Monkey and his family, in fact it was our honeymoon if I recall correctly. Well to be honest you could have knocked me down with a feather, I thought I had been abandoned for life. Pip and Candy were left behind as apparently there was only room for one in Shirley's handbag now she's carries her iPad in it. We were off to meet up with a load a crafting friends at Sal's newly converted barn. Now I have met these friends before as you know and to be honest I was wondering if another day in the cupboard was a better option.
On arriving at Sal's place all I could say was WOW it is amazing and it even had fish in the pond on the front garden, how cool is that? Well the ladies had a really big table to craft on and they actually made some things which to be honest they don't usually do as they seem to spend a lot of time chatting, laughing and eating.
It was great to meet up with my Cuz Monkey again and he brought along his new mate Elf, apparently Elf is planning to surprise Monkey's carers on the 1st December when he delivers their advent calendars. He had to come along with Monkey apparently as he is liable to get into mischief if he is not watched carefully and Alli thought it was safer to have him out of the house if she was not around. We got stuck on a smaller table.BUT Rich came to our rescue, he stopped working on his fireplace building for a little while and despite a little bit of a headache he thought it would be an idea for us to do some carol singing! Personally I think it was just an excuse to show us just what a great pianist he is. Note he was playing with out music, how clever is that?
I think that Elf is definitely going to cause some trouble for Monkey and his carers, he started jumping onto Sally's best chicken ornament. Monkey and I just watched, we were worried he might break it and then we would all have got into trouble.
Next he came across this really high heeeled pair of shoes.
Goodness knows how any human can walk in them! They must be very clever. This time I could not resist popping in beside Elf, hopefully Emily did not mind us trying on her shoes.
Just before we all packed up to come home Elf managed to get in amongst all the snowmen that were being made. He does look rather cute in amongst all those girlie snowmen but to be honest I think my Cuz is going to have his work cut out living with him.
Be back soon I hope.


  1. Looks like you had a great time Bongo and lovely to hear from you again - it has been far too long. Sal's barn conversion is beautiful!

  2. Sandie and Kay say watch out Bongo as a crazy American Elf is coming back with them!

  3. Hi Bongo good to hear from you after a long 2011, wondered wht had happened to you!
    Clemmie is still around but waiting for little Xanthe to get a little older so he doesn't have his ears pulled. He really is still a very sad dog after the love of his life disappeared back to that garden centre that Claire works at.
    he will be really pleased to hear the news and probably would like to make Alf the elf's acquaintance and then thei is Alfie too LOL!! So confusing all these alfs and elfs and also the elth and safety too !!
    Lots of love Auntie Lynne xx