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Sunday, 7 November 2010

Nursing a headache.

I expect you have been wondering where I have been for the past few weeks. Well it has been a bit of a roller coaster ride one way and another. The last time I posted here I was about to start my new job wasn’t I? I had always dreamt of being an Airline pilot so I was really excited when I went for my first day of the training. However, I was I for a big disappointment they told me my legs were too short to reach the foot controls!!!! So it was back to my second choice of career an interior designer. After all I love messing about with wood, paint and glue especially after watching so many episodes of "60 minute Makeover". Shirley said it would be a good idea for me to start with a project of my own to make sure I really wanted to go down that career path. So I watched a few more episodes of "60 minute Makeover" to get some ideas.

I was in for a real surprise. They were making over a little girls bedroom on an Alice in Wonderland theme and for the pelmet decorations they used Croquet mallets and Hedghogs and who should be up there was my mate Hedgie and his mum I had been wondering what he had been up to since I last saw him.
After a lot of thinking and planning I decided to convert the cold frame in the Shirley’s garden into a cottage for Pip, Candy and me to live in. It is lovely living in the same house as Colin and Shirley but sometimes I feel that they get fed up with us and the mess we make. The conversion involved a lot of measuring, wood cutting and climbing up ladders.

I had just got up to the roof when ‘CRASH’ the ladder slipped and I ended up on the ground.

The next thing I know I am waking up in hospital with a very sore head with a big bandage wrapped around it!

I was in hospital for a few days but I am now home again and even though my head still aches a bit I am feeling a lot better. Of course it means that all my building plans have been put on hold for now as Pip as told me I am not to go up any ladders for quite some time.
Sitting here reading books with Candy I must admit I agree with Pip.


  1. Oh Bongo - the sight of all that blood made me feel a bit queasy! Hope you are ok now and enjoying some quiet time with Candy. Take care of yourself xxx

  2. Oh Bongo, I'm sooooo glad you're ok now hun there is quite enough strife around now you behave and keep your feet on the ground please! Love and hugs Curly xxx

  3. Blimey Bongo my old chap, you should have given me a shout if you wanted a hand with the DIY. I'm not very good at it, but it looks like you know what you're doing so I could have just carried stuff around for you or something. Sorry to hear about your fall, looks nasty but glad you are on the mend now. Take it easy. Monkey x

    P.S. Where does Shirley get your clothes from? They are so cool!!

  4. Get well wishes winging their way to you Bongo! Just think maybe you should go for a desk job, a lot safer! Could see you dressed up in a suit as a banker! Enjoy some family time while you recuperate! Luv Hedgie x
    PS, didn't think anyone would see my moment of fame on tv, but sadly I had to come home!

  5. Oh Bongo you must take it easy and look after that head of yours. Hope you are back on your feet soon.