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Monday, 11 October 2010

Trying out my new mode of transport.

So sorry I have not posted here for a while but I have been busy trying to find a new mode of transport. Pip's car sold very quickly and I was left with no way of getting about. I have also been looking for a job. I did not realise how expensive it is to have a new baby in the family!!! However, I did manage to get to a craft show at Alexandra Palace with Shirley and to give Pip a bit of peace and quiet I took Candy along with me.
We met a lovely lady called Dyan and she was getting all messy with lots of paints, inks and sprays. She let me sit on her roll of kitchen towel and gave me a book to read. She makes some really lovely things.
Candy had great fun at lunch time but I am not sure Hedgie was enjoying it as much as her!
Here is a group shot when Koala joined us. I was hoping to meet up with all the toys this weekend but sadly Shirley has been poorly so we did not make it! I expect they will all have photos of what they got up to on their blogs very soon.
Here is a clue to my new way of travelling around. Not too sure about the colour or the name on top but it was the only one I could find that would fit me!
Here are 2 video clips of my new Scooter.
Not only does it have a good roaring engine it also makes a funky beat sound too!

I will need it now I have got a new job but I will tell you about that next time.


  1. Hey Bongo, love your wheels!! Liam and Joe think it is cool too... they have had a good dance to your rockin' beats :-D Really missed you this weekend, hope we can meet up soon. Monkey x

  2. Least the scooter isn't PINK! Love those wheels and the beat though! Missed you at the weekend, you'd have had great fun, and there was a cot and highchair for Candy!
    Dyan certainly looked like she loved you, does your new job involve paint? Luv Hedgie xxx

  3. Hi Bongo, I love your scooter any chance you could use it to mount a rescue mission for Curly? Love Curly's mum.

  4. Love the scooter Bongo although I too am not sure about the pink helmet LOL!!!

  5. Oo, be careful on the scooter Bongo - icy road season's approaching!
    Does you new mode of transport appear in your job?...
    Maybe you can ask Shirley to paint you helmet a different colour?!

  6. Love the scooter Bongo. Glad to see that you have a helmet!.

    Shirley I've just heard that you have left the Magpies, I hope you are okay. Keep in touch.

    Claire x